5 Easy Steps to Master the Blanket Method Shifting

The blanket method shifting is one of the many shifting methods that are becoming so popular.

Enclosed in your cozy blanket, this shifting method employs visualization, affirmations, and meditation techniques to transport you to an alternate reality of your choice. You’ll love how simple and powerful this technique is, allowing you to practice from home with a great deal of consciousness.

The blanket method especially capitalizes on the incredible potential of your mental focus and unwavering belief to shift you into a whole new realm of existence. Intrigued? Stay with us as we embark on this exciting journey of discovering the reality-shifting potentials of the blanket method.

blanket method shifting

What is the blanket shifting method?

The blanket shifting method is a reality shifting technique that utilizes the cozy embrace of a blanket to enhance relaxation, and focus and ultimately facilitate the shift to your desired reality (DR). Unlike other methods involving complex scripts or visualization exercises, the blanket method prioritizes getting into a comfortable position and increasing your intuition. 

Beyond that, it also involves painting a vivid picture of the reality you desire, speaking out positive affirmations to bring that reality into existence, and using meditation to heighten your focus and connect better with your new reality. 

It’s pretty simple yet powerful; anyone can do it at home, wrapped up in their cozy blankets. Essentially, the blanket method is all about harnessing the power of your mental focus and genuine belief to manifest a shift to a whole new desired reality. Hence, it’s one method that appeals to both beginners and experienced shifters alike.

How to do the blanket method shifting?

Step 1 – Raise your vibration 

The first step of the blanket shifting method involves raising your vibration to higher energy levels. Your vibration, otherwise called your state of mind, reflects your feelings daily. It can be lowered or raised based on your thoughts and actions. 

When you focus intensely on negative thoughts, it’s almost certain your vibrations get lower. Consider raising your vibration, like tuning your inner radio to a higher frequency.

When you raise your vibration, especially before taking on the blanket method of shifting, you ring a sense of positivity and openness, which can help you shift realities successfully. 

Some amazing ways you can raise your vibration include:

Whether you listen or meditate, doing so for at least 10 minutes can be beneficial.

This is because when you raise your vibrations, your negative thoughts and harmful thinking all purge away. Without purging those thoughts, it can be challenging to achieve your full potential by clearing your mind of all racing thoughts.

blanket method shifting

Step 2: Get under your blanket

Once you achieve this elevated state, you get snug under a blanket. And I mean snug. So, this method involves laying under a blanket.

The idea is to create a cocoon-like environment where you feel secure and comfortable. While this shifting method consists of laying down, you should also cover the blanket over your head.

Also, note that the blanket shifting method isn’t for you if you’re not good with small spaces. 

In such scenarios, you can try the raven method or even the heartbeat method of shifting realities. Above everything, you need to ensure that if you’re going with the blanket method, then you’ll have to make sure to get into that comfortable position. You want your entire body relaxed for the process. 

Step 3: Recite shifting affirmations 

Now, with the warmth of the blanket around you, it’s time to recite affirmations to your desired reality mentally. These are positive statements that help to reinforce your belief in the shift that’s about to happen. They work by helping you get into the zone.

Consider visualizing that you will wake up in your desired reality bed and, from there, open the door to the rest of your alternate reality. 

Here are good examples of shifting affirmations that can help: 

  • My DR bed is super cozy
  • I enjoy sleeping in my DR bed
  • I am in my DR bed.

Your goal here is to visualize while you slowly count. Doing so helps you to shift to different realities effectively because you visualize and believe in your visualizations. 

Beyond that, you should only recite affirmations as though you’re already in your desired reality. 

At its core, it’s about shifting your mindset to manifest your most desired reality. So, the affirmations you need must be in the present tense.

Picture this: you’re not just saying, “I want to be successful,” or “I wish to be healthy.” No, you confidently declare, “I AM successful” and “I AM healthy.” It’s not a distant wish or a vague hope; it’s a firm belief that you’re already living your desired reality.

The magic lies in the power of this unwavering conviction. You’re actively shaping your reality by embedding these shifting affirmations into your consciousness as if they’re present facts. It’s not just about dreaming; it’s about believing in your dreams so powerfully they can’t help but come true. That’s the essence of the blanket method shifting.

blanket method shifting

Step 4: Count to 100 while reciting affirmations 

Afterward, you slowly count to 100. This methodical counting lulls your consciousness into a state of receptivity. Counting slowly to 100 also gives you a transition realm as you watch your body push past its limitations to shift realities effectively.

Once you reach 100, you have two options:

You can either let yourself drift off into a peaceful slumber or open your eyes and maintain your state of wakefulness until you feel the sensation of shifting.

This sensation is subjective. But mostly, you will perceive it as a feeling of something changing or moving within you. This, my friends, is the fascinating process of the blanket method shifting.

Take deep breath to improve your experience as you slowly count. Deep breathing will help you continue to quiet the mind’s chatter, creating a clear channel for your intention. 

Step 5: Come out of the blanket and be in your DR.

Once you feel a change in your surroundings, you have succeeded in shifting realities to your desired realities. As expected, you can choose the sleep method or the awake method.

If you choose the sleep method, you remove the blanket and close your eyes to fall asleep. When you wake up, you awake in your DR.

In contrast, if you choose the awake method, you slowly count until your environment shifts, taking you straight into your DR. Now, you can open your eyes and enjoy the fantastic wonders of shifting realities. 

This shift in perception is not something to fear. It’s merely a sign that your reality-shifting endeavor has been successful!

You’ve managed to transport your consciousness to your desired alternate reality. It’s a tangible change, yet intangible all the same. This feeling is the universe’s telling you you’ve made it. You’ve successfully shifted your reality. It’s magical, isn’t it?

blanket method shifting

How does the Blanket method compare to other kinds of reality shifting 

Shifting realities offers a fascinating medium to experience different timelines and dimensions consciously. Although the Blanket method gives you a simple but powerful tool to embark on the journey, you might also be interested in experimenting with other methods. Read our other fascinating reality-shifting methods close enough to the blanket method. 

In a nutshell, here is the comparisons of different shifting methods in a table:

The Raven MethodYesYesNoYesYes
The Julia MethodYesYesYesNoYes
The Pillow MethodYesNoNoNoYes
The Blanket MethodYesNoNoYesYes
The Intent MethodNoNoNoNoYes
The Sunni MethodYesYesNoNoYes
The Heartbeat MethodYesNoYesNoYes
The ADHD MethodYesNoYesYesNo
The Estelle MethodNoYesNoNoNo
The Alice in Wonderland MethodYesYesNoNoYes
The Train MethodYesYesNoNoYes
The Staircase MethodNoYesNoNoYes
The Elevator MethodNoYesNoNoYes
The Eleven MethodNoYesYesNoYes
The Piano MethodYesYesNoNoYes
The Melt MethodYesYesNoYesYes
The Hug MethodYesYesNoNoYes
The Mirror MethodNoYesNoNoNo
The Falling MethodNoYesNoYesYes
The Eye MethodYesNoNoYesNo

Remember, the perfect shifting method is the one that resonates most with you. But you must eliminate negative thoughts and get into the most comfortable position. Meditation and honing your visualization skills will be super beneficial in dealing with negative thoughts. Experiment, explore, and trust your intuition as you unlock the doors to your desired realities!

The most fascinating thing about shifting realities using the blanket method shifting is how it helps remove fear or discomfort associated with shifting realities. Using the blanket method, you can enjoy a greater sense of securing whale reality shifting. It also means you can enjoy greater freedom with the process. It’s like a warm, snug hug, allowing you to shift your reality effortlessly. So, if you’re new to reality shifting or looking for a calmer, more comfortable method, the blanket method is your ticket to a pleasant journey.



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