4 Amazing Steps of Sunni Method Shifting to Achieve Desired Reality

Reality shifting or quantum jumping is the idea that you could leap into a different reality, away from the monotony of everyday life. 

One such technique that people find compelling is the Sunni Method. This method isn’t about casting spells or brewing potions.

The Sunni method shifting is a mental exercise that enables you to guide your conscious mind to jump timelines and explore an alternate reality.

Besides the Sunni shifting method, there are other shifting methods for different processes. Some of these other methods include the raven method for shifting, elevator, pillow, heartbeat method, and Julia shifting methods, we also compared 20 shifting methods, the best awake shifting methods and the best sleep shifting methods.

However, the shifting community often classifies the Sunni method as one of the trickiest.

sunni method shifting

What is the Sunni method shifting?

The Sunni shifting. I like to call it the ‘mind magician.’ Using the Sunni method to shift is not a mystical spell or potion. Still, it’s like concocting a magic potion, but in this case, the magic happens in your mind. 

Here, you have a powerful visualization technique that involves tricking your mind into believing it’s in the desired reality, also known as DR. Despite being straightforward, beginners may find it challenging due to its dependence on sensory visualization. It’s no wonder the sunny method is more popular with advanced shifters. 

This is because sensory visualization is like a mental workout. You’ll need to train your consciousness to jump through the timeline. In this Sunni method, you would be your personal trainer.

With the Sunni shifting method, your desired reality is a dream and a possible destination. It’s indeed a fascinating journey you can undertake. Still, it requires your patience and plenty of practice.

4 steps to do the Sunni shifting 

Step 1 – Lie down 

The first step to this form of shifting realities is to prepare yourself. You need a calm spot where you can relax. Many people recommend using the bedroom since it’s private.

The next step is to assume the starfish position. Putting your body into the relaxing starfish pose lets you quickly become grounded.

To achieve the starfish pose, you lie flat on your back with your limbs stretched out like a starfish, feeling completely relaxed and at peace. Pay attention that this pose is not mandatory. But I recommend using it. Overall, your goal is to get into a comfortable position. So, if the starfish position works for you, then that’s good. If not, try another position until you find your comfort zone. 

Step 2 – Visualize oneself in the desired reality’s bedroom

Next, I want you to imagine yourself lying in bed in your desired reality (DR) bedroom.

It could be an elegant Victorian chateau or a futuristic space station. What does it feel like? What does your room smell like? What are the sounds around you? 

You must focus on conjuring up images, sceneries, emotions, smells, and tastes that resonate with your ideal reality and transport your mind there. Every bit of your senses is required to” trick your brain” into believing you are in your DR room.

sunni method shifting

Step 3 – Repeat positive affirmations 

As the details become clearer and more vivid in your mind, you begin repeating positive affirmations to yourself. These could be phrases like “I am capable of shifting realities” or “I am at peace and ready to experience my desired reality.” You can keep your eyes closed when you repeat affirmations.

You repeat these affirmations gently until you drift off to sleep. It gets easier to get into the shifting state when you fall asleep.

Step 4 – Wake up in your desired reality. 

After you fall asleep, you go into the final step. The final step is most intriguing part of the process and it begins when you start feeling symptoms of successful shifting. 

Mysterious but harmless things like mild headaches or an increased heart rate signify you successfully shifted to your desired reality. These are called shifting symptoms and other signs you might experience include itchy skin and a sense of falling or floating.

These symptoms are great signs. But you should not let them distract you as you successfully shift. 

So that’s the Sunni method. It’s a journey of relaxation, visualization, positive affirmations, and intriguing physical experiences. It is all designed to take you to that place you’ve always desired to experience. Nevertheless, you might not achieve that desired state on your first try. Most people might get it after a couple of tries. Always remember that this method to shift needs plenty of practice.

How does the Sunni shifting work?

Let’s look at an example of the Sunni method at work. Perhaps you want to have a gorgeous beach house next to the ocean. 

You need to visualize all aspects of that home, including the sounds and images, the crashing of ocean waves on a shore, the fresh scent of the ocean’s water, and more. The more details you can visualize, the clearer it gets. You could try incorporating white noise featuring the sounds of the ocean or surf crashing on a shore. Believe that the sound you hear is the actual reality. Persuade your brain that you’re in your desired reality bedroom, in your magnificent home by the ocean. But also note that visualizing requires emptying your mind. So it would help if you took note of your conscious mind as you deliberately and intentionally imagine that specific scene.

Then your affirmation can be, “I am in my bed in my beach house by the ocean. I am calm, tranquil, and peaceful”. Finally, you can open your eyes as the symptoms grow bigger. Also, note that this is where the Sunni differs from the raven method. In the raven method, you would also count to 100 besides saying your affirmations.

Suppose you’re just trying the Sunni shifting method for the first time. In that case, the challenge often lies in the method’s reliance on sensory visualization. You see, it’s not just about visualizing; it’s about making it so real that it engages all your senses. 

It’s like creating a virtual reality game in your mind that you’re a part of. It may require a bit of practice, but trust me, it’s an exhilarating journey to your own dream landscape.

tips for achieving sunni method shifting

Tips to improve your experience with reality shifting using the Sunni method 

Sunni shifting is known for its simplicity. But, like we’ve said earlier, it’s more commonly practiced among advanced shifters. You’ll love using it throughout the day and even before sleep. Those tips can help enhance your results:

1. Write a shifting script

Although writing a shifting script is optional, it can aid your visualization. A shifting script is a detailed description of that desired reality. Your shifting script should cover the following:

  • Where you want to go
  • What do you want to do there
  • Who you want to be

One of the best ways to build your shifting script is to gather information from movies, books, or TV shows. I recommend exploring fanfiction to help you develop the perfect shifting script for you. 

2. Channel your entire sensory self

It would help to imagine yourself being in the reality you desire, living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Remember, it’s not just about mere visualizing. It’s also about feeling. It would help if you actively felt the emotions associated with your dream reality. Whether it’s the thrill of flying a jet or the calmness of living in a serene hill station, you need to feel every emotion as if it’s real.

3. Incorporate the law of Assumption

Using the Sunni method to shift is a fantastic choice for manifesting because it’s about intense visualization and shaping your mindset. The law of Assumption says explicitly that if we practice assuming that we will manifest what we desire, it becomes fact. 

4. Maintain a calm and clear mindset.

You must strive to maintain an atmosphere of tranquility. So, you shouldn’t allow current realities or negative thoughts to cloud your vision or faith in this practice. It’s about finding clarity amidst chaos and sticking to your goal, unwavering. The Sunni shifting may sound simple but requires much mental strength and determination.

sunni method shifting

5. Meditate 

Meditation can help prepare your brain for shifting. Meditation is a fascinating process that can give your brain the best nudge to empty all thoughts. Visualizing the Sunni method would be more challenging if your brain buzzes with plenty of activities. 

Along with reality shifting, the author shares various chapters about shifting methods and scripts for shifting, encouraging readers to explore their fanfictions.

6. Choose the best-shifting affirmations 

It’s important to repeat affirmations until you fall asleep or begin feeling the shifting symptoms. But beyond that, you must pick shifting affirmations that resonate with you. You mustn’t choose or create shifting affirmations that seem to discuss the future. For instance, “I will be in my desired reality” is about the future instead of “I am in my desired reality.”  

Making your affirmations about what is already happening makes it easier to reach your desired reality state successfully. 

Examples of shifting affirmations

  • Shifting realities is easy and natural.
  • When I open my eyes, I see my DR.
  • The air I am breathing right now is the air in my DR.
  • I am shifting.
  • I have shifted.
  • I am in my desired reality.
  • I’m in my DR.
  • I fall asleep and awake in my DR.
  • I am safe in my desired reality.
  • I may have doubts, but I am stronger than them.
  • I have been in my DR many times before.
  • I deserve to shift.
  • The universe always provides for me.
  • Every movement, I get closer to shifting.
  • Everything about shifting is easy for me.
  • I am thankful for everything the universe does for me.
  • I am more than this physical body.
  • Every second, I get closer to shifting.
  • I am giving myself full permission to shift.
  • Shifting is as easy as breathing.
  • I shift easily using any method.
  • Tonight is the big night I’ve been waiting for.
  • I’m comfortable and confident in my shifting abilities.
  • Shifting is super easy for me.
  • I’m always safe.
  • I’m safe.
  • Every time I think about shifting, I get closer to shifting.
  • Shifting is natural for me.
  • I know I shifted to {your DR name/ place}.
  • I am confident in my ability to shift.
  • Reality shifting is real.
  • I am physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in my desired reality.
  • I’m pro at shifting.
  • I can shift realities with ease.
  • I have faith in shifting.

These strategies and techniques can significantly transform your Sunni method. I am keenly interested in this approach because of its proven effectiveness and because I genuinely believe it offers a unique journey for each person who engages with it.

Ultimately, the Sunni shifting method is an exercise of the mind that allows you to consciously shift your awareness from your current reality to your desired one. This process isn’t just about daydreaming or wishful thinking. All you need is concentration and profound belief that stimulates your subconscious mind.

So, I encourage you to explore the amazing world of reality shifting, especially the Sunni method. Here, you’ll unravel the world of fanfiction and how shifting can transform your desires.

Both require an active and vivid imagination to manifest alternate realities. And who knows? Your favorite fanfiction could be the perfect script for your shifting journey! So, step into your imaginative prowess, and master the art of Sunny Method Shifting to change our realities.



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