Unlock the Power of Sleep Shifting Methods

Unlock the power of sleep shifting methods with the proper guidance whenever you yearn to escape to a dream sanctuary of tranquility. How incredible it would be if we could hijack our sleep to explore unexplored dimensions and live our wildest dreams. 

Fortunately, sleep shifting, one of the many techniques of reality shifting might be the answer. Reality shifting is a rapidly growing trend offering a variety of tools and techniques that we can use to venture into a different reality (that is, desired reality or DR) when sleeping. Like boarding a night train to a dreamland of your choosing, reality shifting methods like sleep shifting offer you the chance to live multiple lives when you fall asleep.

Sleep Shifting methods also hold the key to transforming your relationship with rest. It offers a unique approach to hacking your sleep cycle and maximizing energy.  

This article will guide you through the 21 sleep shifting methods and the steps to practice them. You will also discover the different experiences you can expect and the best tools and practices to make the best of your experiences.

unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

What are the Sleep shifting methods?

It’s important to note that Sleep shifting isn’t a type of reality shifting. In truth, it’s more of a foundational practice or stepping stone for some reality shifting approaches. 

Typically reality shifting methods fall into two categories: methods you can use after you fall asleep (sleep methods) and then methods you can use while awake (here is the 3 best awake shifting methods). 

Hence, there are many reality shifting techniques that fall under the sleep shifting category. Now you are ready to unlock the power of sleep shifting methods.

unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

1. The Raven method

The Raven method is one of the most famous sleep methods. However, this method works best when you are extremely tired or half asleep. Here’s how to use this method to shift realities: 

  • Write a script describing your ideal world. 
  • Next, meditate on the details of that script for 15 minutes. 
  • Relax in bed and spread out your legs and arms in a starfish position.
  • Count from 1 to 100. Between each number, add an affirmation such as “I am in my Desired reality.
  • When you fall asleep, you will wake up in your desired reality.

2. The Heartbeat method

The heartbeat method leverages the sound effect of a heartbeat and then the thoughts of your romantic partner to spirit you off to an alternate reality. To use the heartbeat method, follow the steps below:

  • Put on a pair of headphones and play the sound effect of a heartbeat
  • Now lie down in your bed and get comfortable and ready to call it a night
  • Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes and visualize resting your heat on your lover’s chest. It can be a fairytale lover or the thoughts of a real one.
  • Picture your lover taking you by the hand to a door that opens to your dream realm.

3. Alice-in-Wonderland method

The Alice in Wonderland method is also an excellent sleep method. And it engages your love for fantasies. To use this method:

  • Lie down on your back and get into the zone with meditation for 15 minutes
  • Imagine leaning against a giant tree, and then someone (you can give that person a name) runs past you like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Chase after them until you fall into the rabbit hole to reach your fairytale realm. 

4. The Pillow method

The Pillow method is also one of the less complicated sleep methods. If you believe strongly enough, you should have fun using this sleep method. 

  • Be specific about what you want. Make sure your wish list paints a detailed picture of your fantasy environment. 
  • Now, turn on some binaural beats to help you. 
  • Place the note under your pillow and go to bed. 
  • Once you fall asleep, you’ll be taken to that dream adventure you wrote out. 
  • Believe every night.

5. The Train method

The Train method takes you on a ride via a train to your alternative world. It’s often used in an awake shifting practice. But you can also use this approach to shift realities when you fall asleep. 

  • Get comfortable in bed. (Alternatively, if you choose to do this as one of the awake methods, you can do it while having a nice bubble bath.
  • Now start saying a lively shifting affirmation like “I am in my desired reality.”
  • Close your eyes and visualize that you are onboard a train taking you to your DR. You can even visualize all the details of the parts of the train and whether it’s a high-tech bullet train or steam train. 
  • With patience, you should drift off to sleep where you awake in your DR.
unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

6. The Staircase method 

The Staircase method involves taking a tall spiral staircase to your dream reality. This is another awake shifting technique that can transform into a sleep method. To use this method, follow these steps:

  • Lie on your bed and close your eyes
  • Take cool and refreshing deep breaths
  • Visualize that you’re at the bottom of a very large and tall spiral staircase
  • Now take one step, and as you walk up, say a different affirmation. You don’t have to change it at every step. 
  • Once you reach the top of that spiral step, imagine a bright light and walk through to your favorite reality. 

7. The Double-Sided staircase method

The double-sided staircase method is another technique that involves going up a staircase. But this time, you have a set of stairs going up and another set of stairs coming down. Here are the steps to try it out:

  • Before you go to sleep, visualize that you are looking at a long staircase
  • Now, you need to take steps up that staircase. With each step, you picture a new detail about your Desired Reality (DR). For instance, you could picture a cat walking by your side or a whole crowd singing your praises. 
  • Once you get to the top, picture a full-length mirror that shows your DR. Now turn around and imagine a door with a golden knob. 
  • Open that door and go down another flight of stairs into your dreamland.

8. The Elevator method

The Elevator method is another popular sleep method. It demands taking a smooth and efficient right into your fantasies. Here are the steps to take:

  • Lie down in your bed and get cozy
  • Now concentrate on raising your vibration as you affirm, “I feel only pure love right now.”
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself in an elevator
  • Fantasize that the elevator runs on the power of your energy and that every new level is an alternate universe. 
  • With that elevator, you can travel to different alternate realms until you reach the desired reality you wish to visit. Then, picture the elevator doors sliding open and you walking out to experience that reality. 

9. The Tea Party method

The Tea party method involves having a fun tea time with your DR self, where you chat about your desires. To use this reality shifting technique, here’s what you should do:

  • Lie in bed and picture attending a tea party with your DR self. Already, you should have created a perfect identity for your DR self on paper. 
  • Now, see yourself sitting beside your DR self, sipping a magical brew that enhances speed and reflexes.
  • Ask your DR self questions about that desired reality. 
  • Once done, get up and hug them. Then, picture the two of you merging to become a single person.
  • Once you fall asleep, you will see your desired fantasy home through your DR-self’s eyes.

10. The Rope method

The Rope method is all about climbing a rope into that alternate dimension. To do this, here are the steps you can take:

  • Lie on your bed and close your eyes
  • Picture a bright light surrounding you
  • Then, imagine your ideal reality and all the crucial details of it.
  • Recite an affirmation such as “I’m being transported to a new world.”
  • Next, picture a glowing rope falling down. Grab it and climb to your fantastical realm.

11. The Hug method

The hug method relies on thoughts about the people that feel me with warmth. To use the hug method, here’s what you should do:

  • Lie on your bed, close your eyes, and visualize sleeping in your DR
  • Next, picture the texture of the sheets and the sounds of songbirds nearby
  • Imagine you stood up from your desired reality bed
  • Now, get out of being and walk into that alternate reality
  • Wrap your arms around yourself until you feel intense warmth as you carry yourself into the dream world

12. The Truth or Dare method

For the Truth and Dare method, you aim to wake up in a random reality. To use this technique:

  • Sit still and cross your leg
  • Pull out a coin and play a game with the Universe. Flip where the coin where the tails stands for “dare,” and the head stands for “truth.”
  • Now flip the coin, and if you get the truth, visualize and ask, “how long will I take to shift?”. Then, think of the answer, for instance, 5 minutes. If you get “dare,” then the Universe will determine the reality you shift into when you sleep. 
  • Finally, lie down and close your eyes. 
  • Then count to 100, and your alternate reality comes alive as you fall asleep. 
unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

13. The Eleven method

The Eleven method enables you to use the power of your mind by following the principles of El from Stranger Things. To use the Eleven method, you can follow these steps;

  • Put on some white noise and then lie in your bed.
  • Now, tie a bandana or scarf over your head and eyes to block out your vision.
  • Now repeat slowly, “I escape this world and enter a new one.” 
  • Visualize your DR self – including your clothes and picture how you transform into that identity.
  • When you fall asleep, you become your DR self and travel to your fun realm.

14. The Intent method

The Intent method depends on having clear intentions before entering your ideal reality. To use the Intent method, here is what you should do:

  • Lie on your bed and commence meditating for 10 minutes
  • While meditating, purge your mind of negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Now, fill up with positive affirmations such as “I am strong and capable.”
  • Next, state your intention precisely as you want it captured in your DR. For instance, you could say, “I intend to travel to space and time to meet my beloved.”
  • When you get very sleepy, recite the final affirmation, “I’m just about to run to my beloved,”
  • Once you fall asleep, you’ll be transported to your desired scenario

15. The ADHD method

The ADHD method takes you on an amazing journey where you wake up in your fun fantasies. To use this technique, here’s what you should do:

  • Go to YouTube or any music app and create a playlist of your favorite audio songs.
  • Now, put on some headphones and lie down in bed. 
  • Sync your breathing to flow with the rhythm of the music
  • Then repeat your favorite affirmations
  • Close your eyes and bask in the vivid details of your DR. 
  • When you fall asleep, you should be able to discover yourself in your fantasies. 

16. The Falling method

The Falling method involves a long, swift, and confusing fall that takes you to your alternate reality. 

  • Lie in your bed and close your eyes.
  • Picture you are in a room overflowing with white light
  • Focus on the color that matches your mood and visualize the light changing.
  • Suddenly, a door appears in front of you. Go Through that door and say something like, “This door takes me exactly where I want to go.”
  • Open it and look down. Imagine when you go through that door and jump into a dark space that takes you to your DR.

17. Julia method

The Julia method can be used in both sleep and awake shifting. Here are the steps to carry out this sleep method: 

  • Lie in a comfortable position
  • Listen to music or noises that will help you become calm
  • Then repeat your affirmations or mantra
  • Repeat that mantra as your thoughts fly on a fantastic voyage.
  • Continue repeating until you can see your ‘desired reality’ as plain as your thoughts. 

18. The Sunni method

The Sunni method involves an intense visualization skill that opens up the route to the universe. Here’s what you should do:

  • Lie in your regular sleeping position and use one of the uplifting Sunni affirmations such as “I am already in a world different from my current reality.”
  • Next, close your eyes and visualize vivid details of your DR
  • Continue concentrating on those images until you fall asleep and enter your DR. 

19. The Melt method

This method is about finding yourself in a liquefied mass, thereby grounding your energy center. Here’s what to do:

  • Turn on some theta waves that can get you to a dream-like state
  • Now, visualize that your desired reality bedroom is below your own. Be as vivid as possible about the details of that bed. 
  • Now count from 1 to 100 and repeat an affirmation such as “My favorite world is right beneath me.”
  • By the time you drift off, you will find yourself in that fairytale. 

20. The Estelle method

The Estelle method centers on your having a great time with a lover, whether it’s thoughts based on a real one or fiction. Here’s what you should do:

  • Turn on your favorite romantic music.
  • Put on headphones and lie in bed
  • Close your eyes and place your hands on your chest.
  • Now, picture you in a gorgeous ballroom, and your desired reality lover asks you to dance.
  • Allow them to take your hands and visualize that a bright light surrounds you as you dance.
  • Finally, imagine them saying, “It’s time to go home,” and then they escort you to an open door.
  • Once you step through that door, you unlock that heartwarming fairy tale.

21. The Mirror method

The Mirror method is an amazing method where you visualize a new realm using a magical mirror. Follow the steps below:

  • Lie down on your bed and close your eyes
  • Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Next, visualize that you are in a large and empty room with a full-length mirror.
  • Step in front of the mirror and place your hand on it.
  • Visualize that the glass shimmers and allows you to look at your desired self and situation.
  • Step into that mirror to become your DR self. 
unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

How do you choose the right sleep shifting method? 

There are no hard and fast rules about selecting between any of the methods or techniques we’ve talked about. Your goals and unique approach can determine what works best for you. Feel free to experiment, depending on the techniques you want to try. For instance, you could opt for the progressive Train method, climb up with the Staircase method, or delve into the intriguing Double-Sided Staircase method. These are all great methods beginners can try. 

Beyond that, the Elevator method offers a swift and efficient approach, while the Eleven method presents a unique numeric aspect. If you’re seeking a mental focus, the Intent method or the whimsical Tea Party method could be ideal for you.

For a more sensory approach, consider the Rope or the Hug methods. Challenge your perceptions with the Truth or Dare method, or adapt to a firmer routine with the ADHD method. 

Furthermore, Falling, Sunni and the Melt methods present a softer approach towards sleep shifting. And finally, when you want to try something different and intriguing,  the Estelle and Mirror methods have captivating processes that will keep you on your toes.

In all, these sleep shifting techniques invite you to explore the scope of your mind-body connection and reconfigure your sleep to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We’ve also compared 20 shifting methods including both awake and sleep shifting methods in terms of 5 perspectives and arranged them in a big table.

Steps to unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

Depending on the shifting methods you select, you might go through any of the steps below. Often, most techniques will follow the routine I’ve outlined for you:

  1. Pick the sleep shifting method you want. You may have to experiment with different shifting methods to find the one that resonates with you.
  2. Write out your desired reality scenario: Depending on the shifting method you select and your desired reality desires, your desired reality scenario should take shape quickly. I recommend writing it out on paper and in the present tense. The more vivid you are about the elements, including your desired reality identity and character, as well as the environment, the better. 
  3. Pick out your affirmations. Your affirmations will be determined by the method you pick, as well as the desired reality you want to achieve. Above everything, pick affirmations that bring your heartfelt wishes to reality.
  4. Choose a comfortable location. Ideally, your affirmations should take place in bed. But if you are using the waking reality, then you need a calm and relaxed space.

How do shifting realities differ from one person to the next?

One amazing thing about this mesmerizing realm of altered states of consciousness is how my experience would differ from yours. This, in turn means that my idea of a successful reality shifting will also take a different approach as well. Every experience is personal and subjective to your desired reality. 

Nevertheless, most people often experience feeling as though they are floating or being weightless. It’s almost as though they drift in space or swim in a zero-gravity pool, a sort of dreamlike buoyancy that can be quite surreal.

On the contrary, other people may experience a tingling sensation. In this case, they feel as though their foot falls asleep, and then it’s all pins and needles throughout their entire body. This feeling usually graduates to a gentle buzzing beneath the skin, like a subtle electric feeling. 

Regardless of your experiences, it can be unnerving. It’s as if your body is gently reminding you that it’s there, even as your mind ventures into otherworldly realms.

Altogether, they are exciting marketers of that intriguing journey you’ve embarked on from your current reality to make that shift to your sleep realities. The key thing to remember is that your experience will be unique to you, influenced by your own physiological and psychological makeup.

unlock the power of sleep shifting methods

Wrapping up

Now you know all the important details about having a successful reality shifting. You can become intentional about the steps you take to shift realities into those amazing desires you want. You’ll love how sleep shifting gradually transforms your sleep quality.

The outcome is increased energy, better mood and mental health, and more flexibility with sleep schedules.

Beyond the physical results, you’ll love how it also champions your spirituality by helping you strive for greater balance and a heightened state of self-awareness. 



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