10 Powerful Affirmations for Shifting with the Universe’s Power: Expert Tips on Shifting to Your Desired Reality Faster

Affirmations for Shifting

Shifting to Your Desired Reality Faster by Leveraging the Power of the Universe

You may wonder what affirmations should I use for shifting? While choosing the affirmations that resonate with your heart is essential, shifting to your desired reality (DR) can be made faster by utilizing the power of the universe. This post will list 10 such affirmations and cover tips on leveraging the universe’s power in positive affirmations for shifting.

What are positive affirmations for shifting? Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you align your thoughts and beliefs with your desired reality (DR). Positive affirmations for shifting realities invoke positive emotions and a positive state of mind to help you attract abundance, love, health, or anything you desire.

Creating a list of powerful affirmations for shifting your reality is the first step. It’s more important to stick to those good affirmations for shifting that resonate with your beliefs and emotions. Follow the tips in this post and repeat the affirmations daily when tuning into the universe’s frequency to let the universe bring your desired reality to life.

Utilize the Power of the Universe to Boost the Effectiveness of Affirmations

  • The adage “You are what you think” highlights the link between thoughts and reality, as hinted by the Universe. Thoughts play a significant role in shaping our perceptions and beliefs. If you hold a strong belief, it will become your truth by aligning your attitudes and actions with your desired reality.
  • By shifting your thoughts and beliefs, you can change your current reality (CR) and create your desired reality (DR). By embracing positive beliefs and a positive self-image, you can live a more fulfilling life in line with your values and aspirations. Therefore, the power of your thoughts profoundly impacts the person you become and the life you lead.
  • It is critical to utilize the power of the universe to shift to the desired reality faster because doing so can help to accelerate the manifestation of one’s goals and aspirations. By aligning one’s thoughts and beliefs with the natural laws and principles of the universe, one can tap into a higher source of energy and power that can help to bring their desires into reality more quickly and efficiently. Using the Universe’s Power can help us remove obstacles that block the path and reactivate the energy centers within and beyond our physical bodies. By tapping into the power of the universe, we can experience a greater sense of control over our lives, a deeper connection with our inner selves, and an overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Remember the Fact: Human Thoughts Are Biased towards Negativity for Survival Reasons

  • From the evolutionary perspective, developmental psychologists suggest human brains are hardwired towards negativity for survival reasons. According to a study funded by the National Science Foundation study, an individual experiences up to 60,000 thoughts daily, with 70%~80% of those thoughts being negative and 90% being repetitive.
  • What’s the implication? We are born with a survival mind full of negative thoughts. But to thrive, rather than survive, we need three positive thoughts to offset one negative thought to rewire your mind and reshape your life, according to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a positivity researcher at the University of North Carolina.
  • According to quantum physics, everything in the universe, including thoughts, sounds, human emotions, radio waves, phone signals, and music, vibrates at a specific frequency. They all have a vibrational energy that can be measured and detected. In fact, peaceful sounds, especially those aligned with the universe’s power, can help us remove negative thoughts faster by inducing a state of relaxation and calm. When we are in a relaxed state, our minds become more receptive to positive thoughts and messages.

Internalize the Affirmations with the Universe’s Power

  • How to start? You can start by reviewing a list of affirmations, and selecting a few that resonate with you is recommended.
  • Common procedure: Find a quiet and reflective place to sit. Take a deep breath, and have your imaginative mind tune into the frequency of the universe, feeling its power sink into your body and mind. Speak each affirmation confidently, as though it “already exists” within your being. Remember, the more you truly believe these statements, the more significant impact they will have on shaping your reality.
  • Once you have internalized these affirmations for shifting, you may want to explore methods that could expedite your manifestation progress.

10 Affirmations for Shifting with the Universe’s Power

Align Confidence with the Universe’s Power

1. I am a master shifter and shifting comes easy to me in this universe.
2. I believe in the power of the abundant universe in shifting to my desired reality.

Align Memory with the Universe’s Power

3. I have already shifted since I chose to shift in this universe.
4. I have shifted to my desired reality as I have been there many times before in this universe.

Align Truth with the Universe’s Power

5. I am living with the truth in this universe and not attached to anybody.
6. I am living a life true to myself co-creating with the abundant universe.

Align Gratitude with the Universe’s Power

7. I am grateful for what the abundant universe has in store for me.
8. I am grateful to receiving gifts from the abundant universe.

Align Happiness with the Universe’s Power

9. I am happy to be in my desired reality in the abundant universe.
10. I am happy to release any blocks holding me back from my desired reality in this universe.

Bottom Line

  • While repeating the affirmations for shifting is powerful, ignoring the universe’s power in the procedure may result in limited effectiveness. By not tapping into the power of the universe, we may not be able to shift to desired reality as effectively as we would if we were utilizing this power. This can result in slower progress toward our goals and a lack of fulfillment.
  • When it comes to the affirmations for shifting, it is always important to align our thoughts and beliefs with the natural laws and the power of the universe, or we may miss out on opportunities that could have helped us manifest our desires faster and more efficiently because we are a spiritual being trapped in a physical body. Therefore, one should not disconnect from one’s inner self beyond the physical body and the universe.
  • This little-known fact may expedite the shifting to your desired reality. While the affirmations for shifting and various shifting methods may help us get what we want, a big part of our “spiritual” DNA may remain dormant without helping us truly manifest our dreams into life. If you desire a significant transformation in life, you may want to learn the scecret of wealth DNA



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