4 Easy Steps to the Intention Method Shifting

The Intention method of shifting is a fantastic tool, like many other reality shifting methods that have become popular. 

The intent method reinforces the notion that our subconscious mind is capable of astounding feats. And we can change our lives by channeling our mental prowess the right way.

First, the intention method is one of the easiest ways to shift realities. Beyond that, you’ll also love that you can harness that power of intent to incorporate other shifting methods like the Raven method, the Julia method, and more. It’s also a unique tool that can include other spiritual practices like affirmations, meditation, etc. 

This article will offer a complete step-by-step guide on applying the intent method of shifting to influence your ideal reality and, ultimately, your future.

intention method shifting

What is the intention shifting method?

The Intention method or the intent method is all about using intentions to shift before you sleep. This method is understanding yourself by setting clear intentions about your desired reality. To do so, first, you must understand the power of belief and confidence. 

You see, our beliefs influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions. If we truly believe in something, we are more likely to make it happen. Meanwhile, confidence helps us trust in ourselves, our abilities, and our potential to make things happen. So, it serves as the engine that powers our journey towards our desired reality.

Here are the steps you must take when using the Intention shifting method:

  • Step 1: Get into a comfortable position
    You can sit or lay down on the bed in the most comfortable style. Consider meditating for about 5 to 10 minutes first to clear your mind of all racing thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. It’s not mandatory, but you’ll be more prepared after meditation.
  • Step 2: Set your intent to shift
    Now, think of the intent. Be clear about the details of your desired reality. If you’re not clear enough, you might send your brain many mixed signals. 
  • Step 3: Recite your affirmations
    Now, you have to recite your affirmations, which begin with “I intend.” For instance, you could say, “I intend to be promoted,” or “I intend to own my dream house.” After reciting this for as long as possible, you will feel sleepy. When you’re tired and sleepy, say, “I intend to wake up in my desired reality.” Finally, you fall asleep. Make sure to avoid any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that might muddle your intentions. Present your pure intentions to the Universe with honesty and a holistic attitude.
  • Step 4: Wake up in your DR
    When you fall asleep, you should wake up in your desired reality. You might need to practice several times to shift realities successfully. You’ll especially love how much the Intention shifting stands out from other shifting methods. 
intention method shifting

Integrating the intent method with other forms of reality shifting 

When you set clear intentions, they become a compass to guide your focus and energy towards the reality you want to create. Intentions are your thoughts and desires that you consciously choose, which can make or break how you manifest your desired reality. 

Intent method can be integrated into other forms of reality shifting to get the best results, because many other reality shifting methods involve physical practices like listening, and others require mental exercises like visualization and affirmations. But what they all require is setting those clear intentions.

When you have set these intentions, they become your declaration to the Universe. They signal your commitment to reaching specific goals and desired outcomes. 

Hence, embarking on the intention method shifting journey is a peculiar one. You’ll also see how it weaves into other shifting methods. 

intention method shifting

Other strategies to improve results with the intention method shifting

Beyond setting your intentions, don’t forget to use other practices to improve your results further. No matter the reality shifting method you choose, ensure you immerse in the physical practices like-listening to soothing music to set the mood. 

Besides the physical activities, you also need mental ones such as affirmations and visualizations. 

Think of it this way: You’re tuning into your favorite soothing music, allowing yourself to be carried away by the rhythmic notes while stirring positive affirmations within your mind. 

Positive affirmations especially rewire your thought process. They create a optimistic echo chamber in your mind. You’re also using the power of visualization, picturing your goals, dreams, and desires as if they’re already happening. It’s like a mini-movie featuring yourself as the star, living your life exactly how you envision it.

The intention method shifting is a dance between physical relaxation and mental stimulation. The intent shifting method can also make you the architect of your mental landscapes. It is an amalgamation of techniques that fosters positivity, relaxation, and personal growth. 

So next time you plug in your earphones, remember you’re not just listening to music. You’re setting the stage for a powerful shift in your reality. While our conscious mind sleeps, our subconscious mind continues to digest the day’s thoughts and intentions. Going to sleep with our desired reality could increase the chances of manifesting it in our waking life. 

Above everything the intention method shifting encourages us to remember the power of our thoughts, the strength of belief, and the potential we each have in creating our own reality.

intention method shifting

Simple Description of 20 Best Reality Shifting Methods

  • The Raven Method: Relax in bed, counting down from 100 while focusing on a Desired Reality, and entering that reality upon reaching 1.
  • The Julia Method: Julia method uses ‘focus’ music while repeating an affirmation and visualizing your Desired Reality (DR) to shift your reality.
  • The Pillow Method: Pillow method requires to write a script for your desired reality, then place it under your pillow and sleep on it to shift into your DR upon waking up.
  • The Blanket Method: Blanket method involves lying in a comfortable position underneath a favorite blanket, reciting “I am” affirmations, counting to 100 slowly, then coming out of the blanket and entering the desired reality.
  • The Sunni Method: Trick your mind into thinking you’re in your DR by lying down, visualizing and exploring your senses in your DR, reciting affirmations until you feel yourself shifting, and then opening your eyes.
  • The Raven Method: Visualize your desired reality while in a state of deep relaxation. The process involves laying down in a starfish position, having your entire body relaxed, repeating affirmations, and using the power of your mind to shift realities.
  • The Heartbeat Method: Using a heartbeat sound, imagine falling asleep on someone’s chest from your desired reality while reciting affirmations to enter your DR.
  • The ADHD Method: listening to an 8D audio track, focusing on it while counting up to 100, and repeating affirmations until the symptoms of shifting begin.
  • The Estelle Method: To use the Song and Dance method for shifting, dance to a song while visualizing being with someone important in your desired reality, and when the song is over, follow them through a door to shift into your DR, and you may feel dizzy, numb or like you are falling.
  • The Alice in Wonderland Method: The Alice in Wonderland method involves reciting affirmations, visualizing someone from your DR, following them down a rabbit hole, and opening the door to your DR.
  • The Train Method: To use the train method for shifting, visualize yourself on a train heading to your desired reality and repeat affirmations until you feel the shift, then open your eyes.
  • The Staircase Method: The staircase method involves visualizing a staircase leading to your desired reality, going up and then down, and opening the door to enter your DR, with the help of someone from your DR.
  • The Elevator Method: Imagine yourself going up in an elevator and passing different floors until you reach your desired reality.
  • The Eleven Method: Use a blindfold, white noise, and imagine merging with someone from your desired reality to shift into it.
  • The Piano Method: Visualize playing a piano in a crowded room, walk through a corridor filled with doors, and enter the one with a bright white light while reciting affirmations to enter your DR.
  • The Melt Method: Visualizing oneself melting into their desired reality room after reciting affirmations and counting from 1 to 100.
  • The Hug Method: Visualize waking up in your desired reality, spending time with someone from that reality, hugging them goodbye, and repeating affirmations until you fall asleep to shift realities.
  • The Mirror Method: Visualize a desired reflection in a mirror by touching it, and is recommended for those with prior experience.
  • The Falling Method: Imagine yourself falling into a doorway from a hall of doors while listening for your DR, and when you feel yourself falling, let your soul guide you, and open your eyes in your DR.
  • The Eye Method: Move your eyes back and forth while counting to 100 and reciting affirmations to shift into your DR.



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