How to Make a Vision Board 2024

What happens when you choose to make a vision board 2024?

This board isn’t just a rad collage of images and words, but rather, a vivid depiction of your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Instead of sticking to this annual tradition, making a vision board helps you to create and maintain regular timely goals. Vision boards make it easier to accomplish your short-term objectives and nearer targets while progressively working towards long-term dreams. 

As stated by Lisa Williams, renowned Vision Board Coach, a vision board is a manifestation tool, a road map to one’s dreams and the future one wants to create.

It is also rooted in the Law of Attraction.

This article will explore the exciting journey of making a vision board. You’ll discover the benefits of using this superb tool for your goal-setting journey and the steps to make a vision board 2024.

how to make vision board 2024


Benefits of creating your own vision board 

Now let’s talk about the fantastic benefits of making a vision board.

1. Helps you maintain direction

A vision board isn’t just a board you add photos and words to become a visual GPS for your goals, dreams, and aspirations. It will serve as a constant visual reminder of what you’re working towards.

2. A dream board becomes your assistant

Do you feel like your life is chaotic and unstructured? A vision board is your personal assistant. It will help to organize your thoughts and act as a roadmap for your aspirations. This, in turn, allows you to visually compartmentalize your goals, hence, creating order out of chaos.

3. Focus on your thoughts and actions

Also, in our busy lives, we often forget to stop and reflect on who we are and where we’re going. The vision board, however, fosters self-reflection.

When you make a vision board, you can always remember what’s important even when you face challenges or obstacles. 

how to make vision board 2024

4. Celebrate your progress

Your vision board is often a mix of your short and long goals. So with every achievement, you can quickly see where you are. As you work towards your goals, you also add images and words that celebrate your progress and achievements.

5. Makes it easier to set achievable goals

Your dream board serves as an anchor, reminding you of your capabilities and limitations. This way, you can set realistic goals that are within your reach. This in turn prevents disappointments. 

6. Maintain a positive mindset

A vision board is a powerful tool to help create and maintain a positive mindset. As you surround yourself with words and images that represent what you want to achieve, you can cultivate a sense of hope, self-belief, and optimism.

Steps to make a vision board 2024

There are different aspects you need to consider when making a vision board. You must carefully consider all the important details in making one that makes your dreams come alive.


This is where you sit down, in the quiet, with a cup of coffee or tea, and think about what your heart truly desires. What lights you up? What are your dreams and aspirations? You can also put on meditative music to help clarify your dreams about the future.

Remember don’t put limits on yourself. You want to visualize all aspects of your life. Whether you want more money or want to go after noble unpaid pursuits, they are all legitimate things you should visualize for your goal board. 

making vision board 2024

Make a list of the goals you want to focus on 

After the visualization exercise, it’s time to select the most important goals and then make them specific. You can consider creating a brain dump of your desires on paper first before selecting what you want to do in 2024. Here are other mini-steps you want to take:

  • Clarify on a big goal. For instance, starting a business
  • Then break those goals into smaller achievable goals. 
  • Now make your goals specific and measurable. 
  • Set a timeline. This helps keep you accountable. That way, you can make sure you’re making progress toward your goals. 
  • Make your vision board personal. Ensure it features your unique goals and aspirations. The more personal your vision board, the more meaningful it will be to you. 

Gathering your materials 

For physical vision boards, you need magazines, personal photos, printed quotes, or even small trinkets that symbolize your goals. You’ll also need a large piece of cardboard or poster board to serve as your canvas, as well as glue or tape and scissors.

Choose specific photos 

The most important thing here is that you add photos that prioritize specificity and quality. So you shouldn’t feel photos that don’t inspire you. For instance, if you want a new house, you shouldn’t pick a random one. You need a gorgeous house that brings your visions to reality. 

Design your layout 

Also whether you are creating a physical or digital board, you need to design your layout. If you are creating a physical dream board, you can choose to create a poster board or corkboard. In contrast, a digital board starts with picking the app you want to use.

Then go through the templates provided to select one you like. You will also need to group things by theme, by timeline, or any way that suits your fancy. While designing, also consider the use of color, texture, and space. The ultimate goal is to make your vision board visually appealing.

Affirm your goals

Finally, you affirm your goals. This is where you take a step back, look at your board, and say – yes, this is what I want for my future. Then you should also add affirmations to your vision board. Some examples of affirmations here:

  • The future I want is manifesting right now.
  • I am a magnet for my dreams and goals.
  • I am achieving my dreams.
  • I am living in a wonderful house in a wonderful neighborhood.
  • Good things are happening every day in my life.
  • Everything I do turns into success.
  • I am present.
  • I am strong.
  • I am blessed and abundant.
  • I am optimistic about the future.
  • I have high positive energy.
  • I am capable of manifesting anything I want.
  • I am led by love and joy.
  • I am a magnet for miracles.
  • I am a powerful manifester.

Gather them together 

When you’ve selected the goals, photos, and affirmations you want for your vision board, it’s time to put them together.

When making a physical board, you can collate on a foam board. And if you are making a digital board, you can make use of an app to put them together. 

making a vision board

Tips to enhance the power of your vision board

Create vision board goals across different areas 

Now as you choose the snippets of your dreams, aspirations, and life goals you want for your dream board, also note that you should set diverse goals across the various aspects of your life. 

Don’t limit yourself to just one aspect; your career, relationships, and personal growth are all essential parts of your being and the vision board helps encapsulate these areas. You might envision a promotion at work or starting your own business under career goals.

You may want to maintain healthy financial goals or simply earn money. Or you want to buy a new house. When it comes to relationships, it might involve finding a partner, strengthening bonds with family, or making new friends.

As for personal growth, it might mean developing a new skill, adopting healthier habits, or working towards inner peace. The beauty of a vision board is in its potential to cover such a broad spectrum of your life.

Whenever you’re creating or updating your vision board, remember it’s a creative playground for your dreams and goals, not limited to a particular area of your life. 

Don’t limit to one board 

And beyond that, your vision board doesn’t have to be a single board. If you find one dream board can’t fit everything you could make multiple boards for different categories of your goals. For instance, you could make one dream board for your financial life.

Then make another dream board for your relationships. Then yet another dream board for your professional life and many more. This is one of the best vision board ideas because often as humans our lives aren’t in one direction. Instead, the perfect vision board for you, would be a series of vision boards.

Make your vision board a mix of things in terms of timescale.

It’s not realistic to make a vision board 2024 that tries cramming too many things into one month.

Instead, you should categorize by theme as we’ve said before. And then on each board, mix in your short and long-term goals. This is especially a great tip for your own vision board.

And that vision board should not only include pictures about the massive goal you want to achieve but the smaller believable things you can achieve in a short time. 

Add to your board throughout the year

Another way to make a perfect vision board is to avoid trying to fill it. Trying to fulfill your dream might make things overwhelming. When you also try to fill up your board, you might end up setting a goal board that is unrealistic and set yourself up for failure.

Instead, you should choose images to get yourself started and a few positive statements. Then over time, you can add photos as you visualize and expand on your dreams. Allowing yourself a degree of flexibility, can help you adapt to any changes that come unexpectedly. 

Be authentic 

One of Lisa Williams’s top tips on enhancing the power of your vision board is getting up and personal with it. She emphasizes that you don’t just look at images and words. Instead, you need to feel them, live through them visually, and finally believe in them.

making a vision board 2024
2024 vision board ideas

3 great apps for making digital vision board ideas  

You can always make your vision board with physical materials. However, to make a vision board 2024, we can take a more tech-savvy approach. Here are 3 amazing apps for creating digital vision boards. 


Canva is a fascinating tool you can use to create your vision board. Although not specific to creating dream boards, Canva is a favorite among diverse uses. You’ll love how Canva gives you complete flexibility about the text, filters, pixelation, color, blur and so much more. Canva also has thousands of stock photos and templates to serve as inspiration for your goals and dreams. Available on Android, IOS, and desktop. 


Gratitude is a multi-use app that allows you to create multiple dream boards featuring affirmations, quotes, and photos. You can even compile all your aspirations into a vision and add a soundtrack to further enhance your motivations about bringing those visions to reality. Available on Android and IOS. 


Milanote is an incredible tool that really takes the concept of a vision board to the next level. Milanote isn’t just a digital canvas where you can slap on some images, it’s a comprehensive vision board builder. It offers a vast range of templates and resources, enabling you to articulate your dreams in ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

Not to mention, its fuss-free editing tools ensure that even the less tech-savvy among us can navigate with ease. It’s all about bringing clarity to your aspirations and making the journey towards 2024 a visually exciting, digital adventure. Available on desktop. 

Free vision board 2024 and templates to download

vision board 2024
vision board 2024
vision board 2024
vision board 2024

Wrapping up

When you make a vision board 2024, it will be an exciting, fun, and altogether new experience. But it would be worth it. You’ll love how your vision board makes it easier for you to focus on self improvement and even enhance other aspects of your life. And besides making your board, you should view it daily and even more frequently if you can. If you are using physical vision boards, place them where you visit regularly. That way you can make that goal board a part of your life. 

And remember, a vision board is a tool. Making one is only half the task. You have to intentionally set out to do the work to make that board successful. So, your vision board will be your guide. But your relentless efforts will be the ingredient to transform your dream life into reality. 



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