3 Best Manifestation Examples and Technique to Motivate You

The concept of manifestation works with the belief that your thoughts have a lot of potential energy that can influence your experiences. It works by aligning your thoughts and feelings with your desires.

But manifestation is more than just thinking about it.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a process that uses the principle of the Law of Attraction, which uses the power of your thoughts. How you think and what you think about can attract the things that you desire and turn them into real-life experiences.

Your thoughts are powerful.

Every idea or feeling, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, acts as a seed in your life’s garden. When you plant positive seeds of thought, you attract and manifest achievements, happiness, and prosperity.

So, be aware of your thoughts when you are practicing manifestation, because it is important for making you grow and your dreams happen.

Manifestation Examples

There are different ways that manifestation can influence your life. It can have an impact on your finances, personal confidence, and relationships.

Let us look at some manifestation examples.

Manifestation Examples for Financial Abundance

Using manifestation to have financial abundance is about attracting wealth and prosperity into your life. Imagine yourself living a life where you have everything you need and more. Truly believe in that vision, and sooner or later you will have financial success.

Here is a manifestation example that you can also use.

“I always have more than enough money for everything I need.”

manifestation examples

You’ll see that with time, repetition, and belief in this affirmation, you’ll notice changes. Maybe a surprise bonus, a new job opportunity, or the courage to start your own business. All of these events are leading you towards financial growth.

“Money flows easily to me.” 

manifestation examples

The power of your thoughts guides your actions towards achieving this financial prosperity.

Manifestation Examples for Personal Confidence

If you want to manifest personal confidence you have to start with positive affirmations and manifesting words. You can repeat the manifestation examples below:

“I am a confident individual.” 

manifestation examples

“I exude self-assurance.”

Repeating positive affirmations makes your subconscious mind believe them. This mindset change is a result of the manifestation of personal confidence.

Always talk about yourself in a positive light and you’ll transform yourself to be beautiful inside and out.

“I am confident and capable”. 

These positive manifestation examples help reshape your self-perception, potentially leading to boosted self-esteem and positivity.

Manifestation Examples for Love and Relationships

Set your intentions in a way that attracts love and affection into your life. Below are two manifestation examples for love and relationships.

“I am surrounded by love.”

manifestation examples

“I deserve a healthy, loving relationship.”

By practicing these affirmations, you are removing any limiting beliefs around love and opening yourself up to the possibility of finding a partner that is perfect for you.

“I am open and ready for true love.” 

manifestation examples

Visualize the kind of relationship you want to be in. The act of visualizing it can guide your actions towards manifesting a good relationship. Here are two more manifestation examples you can use about love and relationships:

“I am deserving of a loving relationship.” 

“I trust in the love the universe sends my way.”

Techniques to Boost Manifestation

To succeed in your manifestation journey, using affirmations and visualization is of great help.

These two techniques, when used properly and at the same time, not only inspire you to push forward in reaching your goals but also gives you the ability to make it happen.

Affirmations in Manifestation

There’s power in affirmations because they send signals to your brain to help change your mindset, especially if they are repeated daily. It kick-starts the process of manifestation and brings about transformative changes.

“I am a magnet for success.”

One pro-tip is to try to write your manifestations on paper. It is easy and it is also a great reminder of what your goals are.

Visualization in Manifestation

Together with affirmations, visualization is another powerful technique to boost your manifestation. It is a technique that uses your imagination and feelings.

Imagine and create clear, vivid images in your mind of what you want to achieve or have, seeing all the details clearly in your mind.

For instance, you want a new car. Visualize yourself driving that car, and imagine the color and how it feels to drive it. Make it as detailed as you can to make your desires more tangible for your subconscious mind. Make your brain believe that your dreams are attainable and close at hand.

You can also use other techniques like keeping a self-love manifestation journal and the 369 manifestation method. One of our post have some a self-love manifestation journal example and a 3 6 9 manifestation method examples.

If you feel like the manifestation examples in here are not enough. you can always make your own positive affirmations for more personalized statements.

Real-Life Manifestation Success Stories

There are people who have tried manifesting their dreams, and there are countless stories of how it has changed their lives.

  • One example is Jane. She faithfully decided to start repeating financial abundance affirmations every day. Within a year, Jane had doubled her income, a result she firmly credits to her manifestation practices.
  • Another example is Tom. For a long time, he longed to have a harmonious romantic relationship. He formed a specific visualization of the relationship he truly wants and visualizes it every day. Today, Tom is happily married and believes that his manifestation practice helped him attract his soulmate.
  • Next is an inspiring personal manifestation success story about a woman who is passionate about running her own business. She started saying affirmations like, “I am a successful business owner.” She visualized her office setting each day, and within a year, she launched her online store. Today, her business is thriving with regular and new customers.
  • An interesting manifestation experience is that of a writer who struggled to publish his first book. He promised to say affirmations like, “I am a celebrated published author.” Though faced with challenges, he received a publishing contract for his first novel from a famous publishing house. He is now a best-selling author with several popular books to his name.
  • Jim Carrey is a famous personality with humble beginnings. Before becoming famous, he kept a self-written check for $10 million in his wallet. The check stated “acting services rendered,” with a specified date of Thanksgiving 1995. He carried it as a written symbol of his dreams for many years. Astonishingly, in 1994, he landed a film role that paid him that very sum.
  • J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter,” also succeeded in her manifestation. Despite living on welfare, Rowling never quit her dream of writing. Her vision was so strong that it eventually manifested into the very successful Harry Potter series.

Bottom Line

The Endless Possibilities of Manifestation

Manifestation can change people’s lives and holds endless potential for everyone. It’s like a magic wand that empowers you to pursue your dreams and live it. At it’s core it is more than just thinking about what you want but also, taking actionable steps, and believing that it’ll happen with positivity.

Be patient and be persistent in nurturing and making your dreams and desires happen. It does not stop with just reading the manifestation examples or affirmations mentioned here. You also need to always have your eye on the goal.

And more importantly, surround yourself with positivity. Being positive helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals. The energy that you give out is the energy that you receive.

So, keep on visualizing your goals, keep on believing, and keep manifesting!

What do you like to manifest? Did you find our manifestation examples helpful? We encourage you to drop some positive words of encouragement in the comment section. Spread positivity, and let us achieve our goals together.

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