Will I Ever Find Love – Honest Answers for 4 Age Stages

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“Will I Ever Find Love ?”

Will I ever find love” is probably a mixture of many factors: your choice and chances, who you are and how you define love: luck and choice, who you are, how you define love. Some or all of those factors work together would make you find true love.

  • Luck and choice.  You can choose to seek someone, but you can’t really know the person you found will necessarily choose you. Or, you never thought about finding love, then one day, you get married with your love. Or, you met a person whom you thought was love of your life, but,  it later proved to be one sided or you met a wrong person.
  • Who you are. While we are equally deserve it, we are not equally able to find it. Finding love has to do with who we are. For those who are emotionally healthy, open minded or socially active, they have higher chances of finding love than those who feel ‘hurt’, ‘broken’, or introverted. 
  • How you define love. It is easy to settle for someone with one or two superficial quality you desire, maybe money or looks, and you call it ‘love’. But, it is difficult if you are craving on finding your dream man/women to call it ‘love’, rather than your “10th choice”.  

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  • Age 20: people are not interested in me romantically, will I ever find love?
  • Age 30, I am feeling so left behind, will I ever find love?
  • Age 40, I am still single or just broke up, will I ever find love again?
  • Age 50, I am tired of being alone, will I still ever find love again?

Age 20, Will I Ever Find Love ?

Physical Attraction Is Not Love

Don’t mistaken physical attraction for love. Physical attraction may be the initial factor that draw people together, but it is based on superficial characteristics, it never lasts long.

Love involves caring, understanding, support and many more deep emotions, it is a relationship that will last after sex appeal until you find it again, after the magic of the first year has waned, until you find the new magic of the relationship again in your life. 

Being Alone Is Better Than Being with the Wrong Person

I found a boyfriend in school, we dated, but we were too young to care about our relationship, then we broke up. 2 years later, I found another boyfriend, I liked him and he liked me, he’s really convinced me that he cared about me and our relationship, but one day, he told me that he had the same feeling for another person,  we broke up in a depressed way.  

The obsession with finding love makes up a big part of our life at age 20s. But, every broken up hurt our self-esteem in a depressed way. It would take time to heal and self care. Being in those relationship, you will realize that it’s better to be alone than being with the wrong person, you will also discover what you want and need in a relationship.

Age 30, Will I Ever Find Love ?

You Grow And Change

Dating in your 30s could be easier. Because you are more financially stable,  dating and meeting people can be more fun and easier because youI can go out more. After you experienced relationships in your 20s, you have learned so much about yourself and what you want from the relationship, if the person is right for you.

People grow and change. You will not be the same person in your 20s as in your 30s. The person you could end up dating will also be different. So maybe in your 30s, you value more about personality than appearance as in your 20s. 

Also, in your 30s, you will most likely look back at your 20s self, at some moment, we repent “we were too young to realize…”. Finding love is mostly hindsight.

Age 40, Will I Ever Find Love Again ?

You are 40 and still single, or maybe you just ended up a heart-broken relationship. Will you find love again or just accept love isn’t the card for you? 

People would always suggest pour all your energy into things you enjoy, be a better self etc. Those advices are just sounding too painful and making you feel more depressed at these ages.

Maybe your involvement in those things scared off the person you love. Or, maybe you are a single mom/dad who are busy working and living for your kids without any break time and energy. Or, maybe even if you devoted time to your hobby, life and friends, you still feel lonely, and cannot give up the idea of finding love. 

Take A Break From the Dating Scene

Love will find you when you are not looking for them. Many people find their love at the age of 40s, you really don’t know how things are going to turn out for you. If you feel defeated, or frustrated, just take a break from the whole dating scene for a little while until you feel like you’re ready to try again.

Stop Comparing with Others

Stop comparing with othersl. Everyone is unique and has their own quality and timeline. Don’t let comparison create unrealistic expectations or discourage you from putting yourself there to find love. Instead, focusing on becoming the best version of yourself, be open to meeting people who share your values and interests, regardless of their background or appearance.

Age 50, Are There Still Opportunity to Find Love Again?

“Will I ever find love” at 50 may feel like it’s a challenge, but it can be rewarding with the right person. You may have had past relationships, and now you’re wondering what’s ahead. There are still opportunities to start fresh.

Live the Way You Want

You’re no longer trying to fit what you think other people want you to be. You are 100% happy about who you are, and have a better handle of what you’re willing to compromise about, and what you’re not. Be honest with yourself, and don’t let your judgment become clouded about other things that are going on.

Love Will Happen When You Are Not Looking For It.

Maybe you haven’t found love, and millions of people never found in their life too. Maybe when give up the idea of finding love, it will add to you a new way of looking at things. Once you let go your expectations, you are no more frustrated by itself. The best way to find love is to let love find you.

Bottom Line

“Will I ever find love ?” is a difficult question, it depends on many factors, both making effort, personal qualities and pure luck would make it happen. But there is no one timeline for everyone. Don’t fight with not finding love, embrace it, accept it and change it, mindset is important along the way.

  • Age 20, you will find love if you are not clouded by physical attraction and wrong person
  • Age 30, you will find love if you grow and change from past relationships
  • Age 40, you will find love if you take a break from dating scene and stop comparing with others
  • Age 50, you will find love if you live the way you want and love yourself first

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