4 Easy Steps to Manifest by the Law of Polarity in the Universe

No matter what you do, a coin will always have two opposing sides. That is the simplest explanation for the principle of the Law of Polarity in the Universe.

The Law of Polarity is one of the 12 powerful laws of the universe. The idea behind this universal law is balance. Everything in the universe has an opposing side—light and dark, high tide and low tide, and many others.

the law of polarity

There are many other examples that demonstrate the principle of the Law of Polarity, not only in philosophy or spirituality but as an essential part in subjects like mathematics and quantum physics as well.

Polarity and duality are seen as cornerstones that help explain how the universe works. Together, let us understand how the Universe works according to this law in varying degrees of when the two extremes meet as well as how we can use it in manifestation.

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What is the Law of Polarity in the Universe?

The law of Polarity is a principle that shows how everything that exists has a mirror image or an opposing and inseparable counterpart.

One great example that explains this law is how light can cast a shadow.

This law applies to the physical world and our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Basically, the Law of Polarity in the universe covers every aspect of our reality.

The Law of Polarity in Nature

Nature gives us the best examples of the Law of Polarity in the universe. Every day on a regular basis, nature demonstrates to us this law in a clear and simple way. Below are some examples:

  • When the sun shines and lights up the land, it creates shadows, which remind us that light cannot exist without darkness.
  • The changing seasons from summer to winter make us appreciate the warmth of the sun after feeling the coldness of winter.
  • Day and night show how the brightness of day gives way to a quiet night. Even though they are different from each other, they can coexist and form a complete day cycle.

The Law of Polarity in Nature shows that opposites attract and work together to maintain balance.

the law of polarity

Masculine Polarity and Feminine Polarity Energies

You can also observe the Law of Polarity in the masculine and feminine energies that exist in the Universe. Just like in nature, masculinity and femininity are two unique halves of the same whole.

These masculine and feminine energies are also a part of the Law of Polarity in the universe. These energies are not linked to opposite poles but they represent people’s unique qualities in the current state.

For example, masculine polarity is seen as assertive, action-driven, and logical. While feminine polarity is seen as nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate. When you understand and embrace both the masculine and feminine energy from two poles, it brings you balance and keeps you in the right direction.

Both feminine energy and masculine energy once more demonstrate the concept of the Law of Polarity in the Universe.

Conceptual Dualities in the Law of Polarity

Conceptual dualities are most of the time ideas and emotions that we can think of and feel. They are also considered opposites but in reality, they are connected and cannot exist without each other.

Ask yourself, can we really know what happiness is without experiencing deep sadness or pain?

These emotions are partners in a way that you cannot experience one without the other.

Moving forward, another popular conceptual duality of the human mind is love and hate. Both of them are intense feelings and when you feel hate for someone, on the flip side, it makes you understand and know the value of loving, and being loved better or if it’s the love between two people.

In this way, you get a well-rounded understanding of the world around us.

The Role of Ego

Our opinion about these dualities is influenced by our ego or the part of us that gives meaning to our experiences. By being aware that our ego plays a big part in a deeper understanding of these dualities in the current situation, we can understand them without judgment.

Our ego sometimes makes us biased. It makes us believe that one side of a duality is more ideal or better than its counterpart. This kind of thinking can be misleading and confusing—it can stop us from grasping the true meaning of polarity.

This understanding allows us to use the power of the Law of Polarity in manifestation.

The Law of Polarity, Manifestation, and Focus

As you decide to start your manifestation journey, you are presented with a lot of choices. The good thing is that you can choose the things you want to focus on.

Your ability to focus can greatly improve how you manifest your goals like getting a new job.

When you focus on good things, then you will be surrounded by positivity. Similarly, if you keep on focusing on the bad things in life, then, they might come your way.

The choice is yours.

The Law of Polarity in the universe tells us that there are two sides in everything and each side has an equal opposite. When you concentrate on one side, you give that side more power, and it becomes stronger. Therefore, it brings more of it into your life.

the law of polarity

To bring more positivity into your life, you need to continue focusing on the positive side of things. As you continue to focus on your positive emotions and experiences, you supercharge that positivity which helps a lot in improving your manifestation efforts.

What will happen if you focus on negative emotions and experiences?

Too much focus on negative emotions can get in the way of manifestation, making a difficult situation in your life.

When you are full of negative emotions, there is a big possibility you will attract negativity into your life.

Keep in mind that according to the Law of Correspondence, your experiences are a reflection of your inner self. Dwelling on negative emotions and experiences means you are aligning yourself on the end of the opposite polarity.

When you heavily lean towards the negative end of the polarity, it can be hard to attract positive experiences into your life. So, to manifest your desires and goals in life, it is better to consistently focus on the positive and happier side of life.

The Connection Between the Law of Polarity, Karma, and Manifestation

Just as polar opposites make a whole, according to the Law of Polarity, karma is affected by your actions and intentions. Karma is the universe’s response to the natural energy you give, which is one of the main factors for an effective manifestation.

While focusing on good emotions and experiences can make your manifestation better, you also need to remember that the energy of your intentions is mirrored back to you in the form of karma.

The Connection between the Law of Karma and Manifestation

How Karma works can be explained with this phrase, “Every action is rewarded with an equal and opposite reaction.” The same is true when you apply this idea in manifestation. It means that the energy you put into your thoughts and actions eventually returns to you.

A positive mindset, action, and pure intention will likely attract good experiences.

But if you continue to dwell on negative thoughts and act poorly, then, as the Law of Karma suggests, these are the things that you will likely get as well.

It helps you manifest your desired outcomes once you align your thoughts, actions, and goals.

The Role of Polarities in the Law of Karma

The principle of cause and effect in the Law of Karma corresponds to the concept of opposites in our lives. If someone sends out negative energy, they usually get negative energy in return.

The Law of Polarity in the Universe serves as a guide for the Law of Karma.

Focus on doing good deeds, and you will get positive experiences. Indulge in practicing bad behavior, and can lead to negative experiences.

Therefore, an understanding of the Law of Polarity in the universe can help you move through the cycle of karma better.

Use the Law of Polarity in Manifestation

Everything that you do carries energy—your thoughts, intentions, and actions. This energy is the fuel behind achieving your dreams. The challenge here is to positively align your energy with the things that you want in life.

But how?

Let us try to make a practical comparison with a battery. A battery has positive and negative terminals. Intentions too, have two sides, you just have to make sure that your energy is connected or “plugged in” in the right way.

the law of polarity

Every intention has two parts:

  1. Content or what you want
  2. Energy or the power to make it happen

Let us apply this idea: for instance, if you want to find ‘love’, then love is the content of your intention, and the energy between two people is what drives the intention to manifestation.

Remember that all of your thoughts, wishes, or dreams you want to bring to life always have a polar opposite. Once you understand this complexity of the human mind, you can consciously guide your manifestation efforts.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to start:

  • Imagine that you want to attract abundance in your life, not just in money but also in love, health, and happiness.
  • Write down your desires and intentions and their corresponding opposites. In this case, abundance comes with its equal opposite which is lack.
  • Take note of the positive and negative polarities in what you have written.
  • The goal is to strengthen the positive polarity and reduce or eliminate the negative. It means that you need to apply the principles of the Law of Polarity in the universe and create a powerful energy flow that is aligned with your desires.

With a conscious effort to change your mindset, and intentionally manage your feelings, you can use the Law of Polarity to manifest what your heart really wants.

Making your Subconscious beliefs align with your intentions

There are times when your subconscious beliefs sabotage your manifestation efforts. The first step that you need to do is to be aware of those tightly hidden negative beliefs. Addressing those beliefs will help remove roadblocks while manifesting.

Some deep-seated beliefs might be that you think that you are not talented enough to succeed, or attractive enough to fall in love or be in romantic relationships. These negative beliefs mess up and weaken your intentions. These thoughts are stopping you from aligning your energy with the things you want to have.

Correcting this is a process.

You need to spend time reflecting and finding these hidden beliefs, then make a conscious effort to get rid of them.

Replace these negative thought patterns with positive and uplifting affirmations. Make sure that these positive affirmations align with your intentions. Instead of thinking, “I am not talented enough,” start thinking, “I have unique abilities and skills that make me successful.”

If you are trying to manifest financial abundance, make it a habit to imagine a healthy bank account while saying “I am ready and open to receive financial abundance.”

These are powerful actions that help connect the good thoughts with your goals, replacing the negative ones.

A daily mindfulness routine can also help a lot. When you are focused on the present moment, you become more aware of the negative thought patterns and overcome them.

When a bad thought shows up, acknowledge it and move on. Replace that thought with a more positive one. This habit of thought-switching can slowly make you think in a more positive way.

Bottom Line

The Law of Polarity in the universe has a lot of meaningful insights when it comes to life and manifestation. It teaches us that the universe has its own way of showing balance not only in nature, but in our everyday lives.

What are some of your takeaway points after reading the Law of Polarity in the Universe? Let us know in the comment section below!



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