The Law of Gender: 4 Best Tips to Balance Your Inner Energy

One of the laws in the 12 powerful laws of the universe that you can use for manifestation is the Law of Gender.

The Law of Gender talks about how everything in the universe, physical or not, has feminine and masculine energies. Inside of us, men and women are both feminine and masculine energies, and balancing both of these gender identity energies can make your manifestation more effective.

The masculine energy takes on an active, dynamic role in manifestation. The feminine energy, on the other hand, has a more accepting and nurturing role. They are beneficial together in either gender identity.

the law of gender in manifestation

The Law of Gender and Gender Identity

In the broadest sense, this universal law says everything that exists has masculine and feminine aspects. Some people refer to them as the yin and yang.

In manifestation, Your ideas and thoughts are related to masculine mental energy regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation, and your emotions are related to feminine mental energy. A balance of these two energies plays an important role in helping you reach your goals and make the things that you want in life happen.

Nowadays, there are many classifications of gender identity and these energies may have a way broader meaning.

Gender dysphoria is a condition characterized by distress or discomfort caused by a mismatch between an individual’s gender identity and their assigned sex at birth.

A good example is a transgender person who is often exposed to gender identity discrimination by these duality classifications, as well as numerous gender stereotypes regarding gender transition, sexual orientation, appearance standards or any other unlawful discrimination.

New York State recognizes gender identity beyond the binary classifications. Most famous is gender nonconforming (non-binary) or sexual orientation, allowing individuals to self-identify their gender identity on official documents and supporting the inclusion of various gender identities and gender norms.

New York state law also prohibits gender identity discrimination or gender expression in areas including hostile work environments, employment agencies, housing, public accommodations, labor organizations, and education.

This includes providing “X” as an option for non-binary gender identity individuals on driver’s licenses and birth certificates.

What is the connection between the Law of Gender and The Law of Polarity?

Both the Law of Polarity and The Law of Gender talk about duality in the universe.

The Law of Polarity teaches us that everything in the universe has opposites, or opposing sides, which include the feminine and masculine energies. The Law of Polarity has a broader view of duality.

The Law of Gender is more specific because it focuses on the feminine and masculine energies that exist within, male or female, everyone and everything.

There are other laws as well

the law of gender in manifestation

The Roles of the Masculine and Feminine Energies in Manifestation

Masculine Energy

This energy has a more active role than its counterpart when it comes to the manifestation process.

This energy, also called the “will,” is where your ideas and goals start. This energy is the driving force that initiates taking action. It is like a spark that sets the intention for your manifestation.

The “will” gives you determination and the ability to focus on your goals. It is assertive and proactive. The masculine energy helps you overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of creating the life you desire.

Feminine Energy

The feminine energy, unlike its counterpart, acts as a receiver. It absorbs and nurtures the ideas coming from exclusively male and masculine energy, helping them become a part of your reality.

To gain access to your feminine energy, you need to create a space that allows your ideas and desires to take root and flourish. It is reflective, inner-looking, and uses intuition, which is why practices like meditation and visualization are great ways to develop your feminine energy.

This energy is all about being ready and creating the ideal inner condition that you need for your dreams to become a reality.

the law of gender in manifestation

How to Apply the Law of Gender in Manifestation

If you want to use this law in Manifestation, there are easy techniques that you can use. The goal here is to balance and effectively use both your feminine and masculine energies.

1. Using masculine energy in manifestation

a. Visualization

You develop your masculine energy using visualization techniques.

  • Imagine what you want as detailed as you can. The more detailed mental picture you have, the better.
  • Combine your visualizations with strong feelings of joy and accomplishment.

This technique uses masculine energy to present your goals to the universe.

b. Confident Affirmations

Using affirmations with confidence and belief is another effective technique for your masculine energy.

  • While you are thinking about your goals, affirm them with strong and confident statements like: “I am successful and happy.”
  • Repeat your affirmations passionately with conviction as often as you can. Affirmations, when repeated will stick into your subconscious mind over time.
the law of gender in manifestation

2. Using feminine energy in manifestation

a. Subconscious Absorption

The secret to tapping into the power of feminine energy is through your subconscious mind.

  • You first need to visualize your aspirations and embrace these desires. Allow the idea to sink into your subconsciousness and nurture it. Just like when you are planting a seed in healthy soil.

Keeping your goals and desires always in your mind is part of the nurturing aspect of feminine energy.

b. Meditation and Contemplation

Connect deeper with your desires through meditations and quiet contemplation.

This taps into the creative and nurturing nature of your feminine energy.

By combining the techniques, you can effectively apply the Law of Gender to access and develop your masculine and feminine energy. This creates the balance needed for your manifestation.

Tips to Maintain the Balance between Masculine and Feminine Energies

Here are some helpful tips on how to balance them out:

  • Regular meditation and mindfulness: this can help you connect with your Higher Self which can guide you to take actions that balance these energies in your life.
  • Cultivate Self-Awareness: Self-awareness helps you recognize when one energy is becoming overly dominant. This, in turn, will urge you to take corrective actions, aiming towards balance of your mind and physical body.

For example, if you feel like you’re being overly dominant or aggressive (excessive masculine energy), then, trying to be more compassionate and patient (feminine energy) can bring balance back.

the law of gender in manifestation

Look inside of you, do you have a dominant energy? Or have you mastered the Law of Gender and balanced both your feminine and masculine side? Share with us your answers below!



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