The Super Astonishing Way the Law of Attraction Ruined My Life

It’s quite ironic that the law of attraction ruined my life. Though it seems puzzling, this is the bitter truth I came to realize.

We consider how logical the law of attraction seems to be. How much it promises a life overflowing with positive energy, happiness, success, and abundance.

Yet, on a deeper level, there’s more to meet the eyes. And yes, my journey took an unexpected turn where disappointments and self-blame reigned.

Then I came to the harsh reality that the law of attraction isn’t as mesmerizing as it is often portrayed. That focus on the present moment, letting go of negative thoughts, and believing in the universe wasn’t the entire truth.

Law of Attraction Ruined My Life

The Benefits and Downsides of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that positive thoughts bring positive things into your life. And in the same way, negative thoughts bring negative things.

The Law of Attraction has some impact in what defines your ideal life. But, surprisingly, the law of attraction can be both detrimental and beneficial to your life.

Even so when I say that the law of attraction ruined my life, I’m not the only one. A significant number of people report experiencing more negative outcomes than positive ones.

Law of Attraction Ruined My Life

Negative Impacts of the Law of Attraction

So, this brings us to the certainty that no matter what the law of attraction states, it can be quite misleading. There are two principal ways, the law of attraction yields the negative ripple effects that people often talk about.

Victim blaming

The Law of Attraction can create a dangerously harmful disposition where individuals blame themselves for not pushing away negative thoughts enough. This can lead to unnecessary guilt and self-blame. Thus, this further worsens an individual’s mental state.

Fosters toxic positivity

Besides blaming oneself, the law of attraction can make you too focused on the positive things and the present moment. And because of that focus, when things happen, you cannot see or critically assess other contributing thoughts.

How the Law of Attraction Ruined My life

In my case, I was intrigued by the law of attraction because I was enchanted by the notion of harnessing the power of positive thinking to attract my desires. However, I soon grasped that it was not as simplistic or effective as it seemed.

Obsession with positive thoughts created an unhealthy denial of negative emotions and situations. This led to emotional suppression rather than growth. I found myself trapped in a vicious cycle of blame.

When things didn’t materialize as I envisioned, I blamed myself for not being optimistic enough or not controlling my subconscious mind effectively. This practice fueled self-depreciation, leading to an overall decline in my mental health. I would spend time making that bitter self talk that further dampened my morale to see my desires manifest.

I would even push some more positive thoughts, thinking it would manifest positive outcomes. I incessantly visualized success, wealth, and happiness. However, the universe seemed not to respond; my expectations were constantly shattered.

Overall, I wasn’t focused on self-improvement. Instead, the law of attraction fostered a toxic environment that ruined my understanding of personal growth and happiness.

Law of Attraction Ruined My Life

Common Misconceptions and Mistakes with the Law of Attraction

It’s important to realize that there’s nothing wrong with the Law of Attraction. Instead, the problem is how people use it. Here are some such mistakes and misconceptions.

Lack of action

While the Law of attraction calls for self talk and controlling the subconscious mind, so you can start making things happen. However, that’s not what we do.

Most times, we simply focus our thoughts, but we do this without striving to create action. Many people assume wrongly that by simply thinking about their goals, we can shift the positive energy towards making it a reality. We think we only need to set off our vision board and the universe works the rest of the way.

This is a flawed understanding, as concrete steps and work are vital to actually bring those desires to the present moment and reality.


Another mistake is nonspecificity. When manifesting, it’s crucial to be specific about what you want to achieve. Vague or general desires lead to vague outcomes. And this means becoming quite granular and detailed. We must strive for a deeper level about each goal, step, and milestone to see it true.


Lastly, the Law of Attraction can be sabotaged subconsciously. These subconscious blockers are often formed by past experiences or deep-seated beliefs. They create resistance and interfere with the manifesting process.

They can also make us crippled with fear that we become too stifled to make the shift in our subconscious mind. Identifying and resolving these blocks is a critical step toward effective manifestation. 

When you can understand how the law works, you will know the truth about using the Law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

law of attraction ruined my life

Beyond Toxic Positivity: Turning My Life Around

It’s crucial to strike a balance between optimism and realism. We must learn to acknowledge that negative experiences are part of the human experience.

In the end, I realized that life isn’t about chasing a perpetually positive mindset. Or trying to make your subconscious mind super focused on only positive processes or outcomes. We must learn to embrace the complete human experience, with all its highs and lows.

The law of attraction may work for some. But when I didn’t use it correctly it created unrealistic expectations and drained my spirit. It wasn’t improving my life, it was consuming it.

Now I realize that a vision board wasn’t enough. And that whatever the law of attraction states, the truth is it lacked exploring other psychological or sociological aspects of achieving my goals.

Yes, the universe works, and of course, the Law of Attraction can still be hailed as a universal force.

Now I’ve learned to move beyond positivity, to take charge, put in the work, and accept life’s ups and downs. Ultimately, the law of attraction ruined my life because I was dealing with a superficial and incomplete understanding.



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