9 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

If you’re interested in the 9 physical symptoms of spiritual awakening, you’re in for a fantastic ride.

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing changes in sensitivity. Or maybe your sleep patterns have changed. Are you also dealing with peculiar headaches? If you find symptoms like these, then you are not alone. These are all signals that you have embarked on that spiritual path to enlightenment. 

Your spiritual awakening is a delightful process where you will discover your authentic essence and radiate that transformation in your physical body.

Hence, you will experience various physical symptoms as you continue this awakening process.

Understanding these symptoms will ensure you welcome them as signals that your inner self is finally coming to light. 

10 physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

What is spiritual awakening? 

Spiritual awakening is a process of self-discovery and personal growth that can manifest in physical symptoms such as heightened sensitivity, changes in sleep patterns, and headaches.

Spiritual awakening is also called an illuminating event. It is a unique journey that connects you to your true self, creating heightened awareness and consciousness. During this spiritual journey, you peel back the layers of your past experiences and beliefs and realize your true essence. 

Do note that Kundalini awakening and spiritual awakening are often used interchangeably. 

But then there are slight differences between spiritual awakening and kundalini awakening. Where spiritual awakening is a broader term, you’ll find that Kundalini awakening is more associated with greater physical changes caused by the nervous system. In truth, Kundalini refers to the primal energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. 

In contrast, spiritual awakening is more about a profound shift in consciousness. Here, you’ll have a deeper sense of connection to something greater than yourself. 

You will find that the awakening process is a massive change in your life. As the awakening begins, you will enjoy a new way to understand profound truths and gain a deeper connection to life around you. 

9 physical symptoms of the spiritual awakening process

Now, let’s talk about the 9 physical symptoms of spiritual awakening to look out for. But don’t be alarmed. These symptoms are merely the physical language of your spiritual changes.

1. Heightened sensitivity

Imagine your feelings and emotions turning into a hypersensitive radar. You may find yourself picking up even the faintest signals. Sounds intense, right? Experiencing heightened sensitivity is one of the most common physical symptoms.

When you are experiencing heightened sensitivity, it’s like your senses are awakened and rejuvenated. This allows you to experience your environment more deeply and intimately. Outwardly, you may experience a higher intolerance for bright lights, loud noises, and crowded areas. Inwardly, it also means that you might feel more love and understand things with a heightened sense of everything. 

Experiencing heightened sensitivity could also mean that you feel pain or get more upset when people do certain mean things to you. Nevertheless, accepting this heightened sensitivity is a lot more critical. You should focus on harnessing it into a tool for self-awareness and development.

2. Heightened intuition

You may also experience a deeper connection with your inner self where your senses come alive. And in addition to the changes in your waking life, you might experience more vivid dreams. 

These vivid dreams are an essential aspect of your spiritual enlightenment.

The heightened intuition also helps you connect more deeply within yourself as you continue on your spiritual journey. Accept this as an amazing aspect of your transformative power.

You should also seek guidance to manage the emotional and physical sensations better. 

10 physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

3. Changing sleep patterns

Shifting sleep patterns is also one of the most common spiritual awakening symptoms.

One day, you may wake up unusually early or stay up late at night. Other times, you find yourself flooded with newfound thoughts, ideas, and realizations emerging in the most vivid dreams that feel intense and real. 

The increased mental activity affects your sleep cycle, making it irregular. Give your physical body time. It’s adjusting to the transformative power of your spiritual awakening.

So, your body is adjusting to new energies and vibrations, which further influences your ability to rest peacefully. 

4. Fatigue

Beyond that, you may also experience fatigue due to your changing sleep patterns. This is one of the signs you want to look out for. Fatigue is also a sign that you should prioritize more rest so that your body can integrate the big changes and undergo healing from within. 

5. Headaches 

The opening of the crown chakra is positioned at the top of the head. It is also connected to your spiritual awakening. So you might experience headaches. 

But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, stress-induced ones. They’re powerful. Often, they might feel like your head’s in a vise. They are also called spiritual headaches because we believe they are brought by expanding consciousness and increased psychic energy. 

These headaches are not a cause for concern. Instead, they are a sign that your spiritual awakening is in progress. And that you are unleashing your spiritual potential.

spiritual awakening process

6. Incredible energy shifts

Energy shifts are also common spiritual awakening symptoms to look out for. These energy shifts are so powerful and intense that they cause notable changes in your physical body.

They influence your sleep patterns, changing how much and how well you sleep. As you embark on this spiritual path, you might feel either heavy or light at different times.

It’s also possible that the intense energy shifts felt during spiritual awakening cause some pain and discomfort.

7. Physical discomfort and pain

In addition to headaches and body aches in the process of spiritual awakening, you may also observe digestive disturbances, changes in bowel movements, or stomach discomfort.

As you embark on this spiritual awakening journey filled with self-discovery and growth, these physical sensations might affect you. You’ll also find that the heightened awareness and physical sensations will not happen in isolation. 

Often, a single person can feel many of these symptoms simultaneously. Nevertheless, always remember that they are a part of the transformative process. Embrace them as they help further your spiritual evolution.

8. Chills or tingling 

Another vital aspect of the spiritual awakening process is that you’ll experience chills or tingling sensations throughout your body. Some spiritual awakening symptoms you might also have to include a sense of direct contact, complete nondual experience, or union. 

It would feel like an energy shift or higher frequency enters your energetic field, causing chills and tingling. Note that these are a part of your spiritual awakening. 

spiritual awakening process

9. Dietary shifts

You may also notice that your appetite and food choices change.

So you’ll find that you now crave different types of food, incredibly healthier choices.

You may also experience it as a way to decrease your appetite altogether. That said, Digestive disturbances also happen as your body aligns with the energetic changes.

The physical symptoms are diverse and may vary for individuals. But ultimately, they are signs of progress, reflecting the profound internal transformation that you’re undergoing. 

Remember, it’s a temporary passage and an integral part of the journey towards uncovering the ultimate reality about yourself. So, embrace these symptoms as part of your unique spiritual awakening story.

Emotional and mental symptoms of spiritual awakening 

Now that we’ve discussed the 10 physical symptoms of spiritual awakening, we can also consider what happened to our emotional and mental makeup at that time. Here are some of the most delightful symptoms to watch out for:

1. Emotional ups and downs

During spiritual awakening, you might experience emotional ups and downs. It’s a pretty wild carnival ride. One moment, you’re at your zenith, finding yourself feeling an inexplicable joy. 

Next, you might find yourself plunged into depths of sadness or confusion. It can feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster, oscillating between highs and lows in a seemingly unending cycle. You will fluctuate between feeling happy, sad, anxious, or overwhelmed. And these emotional changes can be unpredictable. 

But don’t worry. This emotional buffet is a sign of progress. It’s your soul doing the heavy lifting, shedding the old to make room for the new. 

spiritual awakening process

2. Intense desire to identify your purpose and meaning 

This emotional turbulence is tied closely to the emergence of a deep, often relentless, desire for meaning and purpose. It’s as if you’re suddenly thrust into a quest for something more – more than mere existence or superficial success.

So, you find yourself going beyond previously held beliefs about your limitations to search for greater fulfillment through wanting to make a meaningful impact in the world. This is the desire that further causes you to explore new values, beliefs, and passions with a deeper sense. 

3. Heightened empathy and compassion

One of the most popular spiritual awakening symptoms is your greater empathy and compassion towards others and yourself. You discover that you feel a deeper connection with the people around you. It’s as though you can feel their pains and struggles.

The heightened sense of empathy also enables you to understand yourself – flaws, strengths and many more leading to more self compassion. On the aspect of others, you learn to recognize and feel them in a manner that drives you to offer support and kindness when needed. 

4. Shift in values and beliefs

Simultaneously, you may experience a shift in your values and beliefs. The things that once seemed invaluable may now appear trivial as you venture further toward spiritual awakening. 

You’ll find that you have more self-compassion and can spend more time in self-reflection to emerge as a bigger and better version of yourself. You may start to question societal norms or find that the ambition and materialism that once fueled you now leave you feeling empty. 

It’s a profound re-evaluation and repositioning of your inner compass. The road to spiritual awakening isn’t always smooth, but these changes are integral to your transformative story.

spiritual awakening process

How to make the best of your spiritual journey

  • Self-care is an important tool to supercharge your transformative process. It will help improve your heightened sense of spiritual awareness while managing your physical symptoms. 
  • One of the most amazing self-care practices you must try is self-love journaling. Journaling allows you to bare down your thoughts and emotions on paper. When you document them, it becomes therapeutic, thereby bringing more profound clarity. 
  • Next, practice mindful eating. You need Nutritious, grounding foods that can keep you physically rooted, balanced, and energized. Foods grown on the earth, like root vegetables, are excellent choices.
  • Then you need to spend more time in nature. Spending time outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and observing the serenity of the trees or the calm river flow offers immense tranquility and an enhanced connection to the universe.
  • Embrace the journey of self-exploration. While self-care is super important, you must get down with the most critical aspect of your spiritual awakening. At the core, it’s about diving deep within yourself to understand your true nature and purpose in life. 
  • Find balance and grounding. It’s important that you are centered, calm, and connected to the present moment. You can also ground yourself in the present moment by practicing deep breathing exercises. Also, consider activities like yoga or even taking a walk or practicing root chakra affirmations. These are helpful exercises that can further enhance your experience on this amazing spiritual journey

In summary, during a spiritual awakening, prioritizing self-care via journaling, eating grounding foods, and communing with nature is beneficial and crucial. These practices help balance your physical health while your spirit soars.



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