Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale: How to Use it to Manifest Life

What is The Emotional Guidance Scale

The Abraham Hicks emotional guidance scale is a concept in the law of attraction that suggests that our thoughts and feelings about a particular subject or experience can determine what we attract into our lives. According to this scale, the more positive our emotions, the more positive experiences and outcomes we will attract

So, the scale will help us identify our current emotion. When we feel good, our emotions are in alignment with our thoughts, then we attract positive outcomes or experiences faster.

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Background of Emotional Guidance Scale

Difference between emotion, feeling and thoughts

In our everyday life, we are always reacting to something and how we react to a certain  circumstance, it makes us feel a  certain way. So now, we feel the emotions, the emotions always happen in our stomach region, and our solar plexus area will feel every single emotion occurring in our stomach region.

Whether it be love, or the opposite of love (whether it be hate or whatever you want to call it),  that gives us a stiff feeling of contractive. Love makes you expansive,  and the opposite of love makes us contractive. Those are thoughts that  occur in the brain. 

While thoughts in our brain and our emotions in our solar plexus area are  harmonized in the heart, that’s where we feel, and that’s where we start to manifest things. Because the magnetic fields of our heart are so powerful that they can bring things into our reality.

Relationship between emotion and manifestation

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts and emotions play a crucial role in manifestation. The idea is that our thoughts and feelings act as a kind of “signal” to the universe. They can attract experiences and circumstances that are in alignment with our dominant thoughts and emotions.

For example, you fear running late to work, or you fear running into traffic. Your thoughts in your brain are focused on that fear, and you emotionally feel the fear in your solar plexus region. Therefore, your mind and your body are coming together at the heart with that feeling, and that feeling is being manifested in your heart. Then, your heart will emit a powerful magnetic field that makes the fear of running late to work our reality.

That’s why it’s so key not to focus on things that you do not want. The law of attraction is so powerful because anything that you fear will happen if you keep focusing on it. The universe doesn’t understand between what you want and what you don’t want, it just manifests what you are focused on now.

On the other hand, focus on gratitude, care, joy,  peace, and love, think about the things that you do want, for example, you want to meet the partner of your dreams, or you’re going on a date and you want the date to go well.  If you focus on the date going well, and you’re getting along with that person of your dreams, your thoughts are going aligning with the feeling that you have in your stomach and your solar plexus area, and they come together at the heart chakra,   the magnetic fields of the positive emotion you’re experiencing will manifest your dream.

Emotional Guidance Scale Explained

emotional guidance scale

The emotional guidance scale is believed to work on the principle that by focusing on positive emotions and raising our vibrational frequency, we can attract positive experiences and outcomes into our lives.

But how to raise our vibration and cultivate positive emotions?

How to Use The Emotional Guidance Scale?

How do you climb the emotional scale? We talks four tips in raising your vibration

Identify your current emotion

Look at The Emotional Guidance Scale and identify which state of emotion you are currently in.

You may experience mixed feelings at the time. For example, you can enjoy a show but feel guilty because one of your friends experienced a bad day. 

Choose the emotion you resonate with the most at that very moment.

  • Journaling or meditating on your emotions and what they mean to you. This can help you gain insight into the emotions that you experience most frequently and those that have the most impact on your life.
  • Notice which emotions come up most frequently than others? Pay attention to your emotional experiences throughout the day. Are there certain emotions that seem to come up more often than others?
  • Consider your values and goals: Think about the things that are most important to you in life. What emotions might be aligned with these values and goals? 
  • Listen to the message from our body: our body does not lie, our sleep, health condition, level of energy and desires informs us of how to improve our emotional health and balance.

Listen to your emotions

In the beginning of my EGS journey, I prioritised feeling only gratitude and joy, because I read that this means I am being high vibrational;  I avoid and bypass experiencing emotions such as anger, jealousy, guilt, as those emotions will lower my vibration.

But, I was still feeling numb, depressed and wondered why I was still in so much pain after a while.

By avoiding, I missed out on the opportunity to truly understand what those difficult and uncomfortable emotions were trying to convey to me. 

Those emotions are also natural reactions to what we experience in our life. They are not ‘bad’, nor should they be avoided. They are trying to teach us a lot about ourselves and what we need to heal from, albeit often in a very uncomfortable and painful way. [teach us after we have processed the trauma and pain we move up the vibrational scale in order to feel better and manifest better.]

This time, I went within again, acknowledged, accepted and listened to all emotions, including the negative ones. 

So, if my girlfriend decides to leave me, it is okay to feel sorrow. Let the emotions flow through myself but don’t wallow in it. Listen to what the sorrowness teaches me, and turn over a new leaf and accept her choice and be ready for someone different. 

Express gratitude

There is no way to improve your enjoyment of life like gratitude. 

It may not feel natural at first, but if this resonates with you I suggest affirmations such as “I am grateful for ______” or “thanks for the gift of _______”. 

It doesn’t have to be big things, and you don’t have to feel it strongly for it to be significant. A deep breath, a falling leaf, an old friend unexpectedly reaching out are all good places to start. 

Even though you are experiencing negative emotions or overwhelming doubts, sadness, anxiety and hopelessness, express your gratitude towards those emotions as well, because they are teaching you to be stronger, signs of hope and new opportunities for self-improvement. The universe holds miracles for you and even on your worst day. 

By accepting where you are now, what you currently possess, you will find infinite gratitude in each moment, your sense of unease will be replaced with a deep appreciation and peace.

Have fun, meaning will find ‘you’

We learn to become outcome-oriented. We focus so much on the outcome that we struggle and suffer to get to where we want to be. We automatically think we have fun after achieving those outcomes we wanted.

The ironic thing is that we have it totally backwards! By having fun and leaning toward joy, we achieve our goals with much less effort. 

I’m a strong believer that the best things in life will present themselves to you unexpectedly, and, they all happened whilst I was trying to do what I enjoyed. My hobbies, my interests, the things that i’d found fun. 

So, have fun in life and the blessings will follow. You don’t find meaning in life. You have fun and meaning will find you.

Bottom Line on Emotional Guidance Scale

A H Emotional Guidance Scale helps us identify our current emotion on the scale and proactively scale to more positive emotions. The better we feel our emotions, the more positive things we attract. 

Scale up the Emotional Guidance Scale  – 4 tips

  • Identify your current emotion, choose the emotion you resonate with the most at the moment.
  • Allow your  uncomfortable and difficult current emotion, and listen to what they are trying to teach you.
  • Express gratitude toward sufferings and difficulties. They teach you to grow stronger.
  • Have fun in life and the blessings will follow.

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Not always this order

Q:I don’t feel like it’s always in this order. I could go from 17 to 3 to 8 to 6 to 9 back to 6 and then 3 in a single day.

A: i wouldn’t refer to this everyday. i allow myself to feel a 7 and after a few days feel a 12 and just rest in the awareness what i need maybe it’s socialising maybe it’s rest bit i always am aware of my emotions. it’s good for someone who hasn’t been aware of their emotions before like myself

Order is different

  1. Fear
  2. Hate
  3. Suffering
  4. The dark side

It’s not exactly the most precise of sciences, it can have variations. The ultimate point is to listen to your current emotion, process them, move up the vibrational scale in order to feel better and manifest better

Other helps to do the up?

i’ve learnt it’s about counter balancing so if you’re 12 half is 6, so I focus more on what gives me hope and for me it’s art as self care and making new friends which has been good so far so yeah



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