Top 4 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

Does my ex still miss me after breakup? Is my ex over me or not? Decoding their feelings could be as tough as understanding hieroglyphics! But don’t worry, we’ve cracked the code for you. In this article, we’ll uncover the 4 undeniable signs your ex isn’t over you yet.

Whether it’s late-night texts or constant social media engagement, we’ve got all the insider knowledge right here.

Identifying the 4 signs your ex isn’t over you yet

Saying goodbye to any relationship can be confusing, heart-wrenching and devastating. Often you have to figure out your emotions. And sometimes, you also have to figure out if your ex is pretending about their feelings.

On some occasions, you might also be considering manifesting your ex back and may want to know if they still have feelings for you. Here we’ll dive into the murky world of relationship dynamics to help you figure out if your ex is pretending about getting over you or whether they are trying to navigate their own emotions.

4 signs your ex isn't over you

Sign 1: They can’t stop contacting you

One of the 4 signs your ex isn’t over you is how much they put into communicating with you.

If your ex-partner remains in touch, it can be a sign of unresolved emotions. You might find that they reach out often, and initiate texts, and calls, as well as accidentally bump into you. So, they find reasons to text or call, keeping the lines of communication open.

You may even find them persistently engaging with your social media presence.

Beyond frequency, your previous partner may also reply to your texts or pick up your calls with too much positivity.

You may also find that while they always seem happy to hear from you. And while being happy, they might share references to your past relationship a little too much.

Beyond that, they always seem curious about your life, especially your potential love interest. If your ex’s behavior or body language seems to encompass these signs, then it’s possible they are not over you.

Sign 2: Non-verbal cues give them away

Looking out for signs might not be obvious especially when your ex is pretending about their feelings. On such occasions, you may deal with mixed signals. If so, take the low ground to uncover the subtle cues from their body language. Perhaps the biggest sign is prolonged eye contact.

If you find your ex constantly making and maintaining eye contact, they might be subconsciously seeking connection.

Another subtle cue that often happens alongside this lingering eye contact is their curiosity about whether you have a new partner or not. Look out for when and how they ask personal questions about your new partner or love interest. Do they also have questions about your recent whereabouts or who you’ve been spending time with?

These can also be signs of jealousy or ongoing emotional entanglement with you. Do note that they are not random questions. And if they do that frequently, then it’s a big sign they might be considering starting a new relationship with you.

Sign 3: They find ways to show their feelings rather than saying the words

In certain cases, your ex-partner might go out of their way to help with tasks or buy gifts. Look out for how they seem willing, even when their help is beyond expectations.

Perhaps they volunteer to assist with tasks that they know you struggle with or things they would’ve avoided during your relationship. Or, they might show up with gifts, even when there are no special occasions to warrant such gestures.

You may also find that besides gifting you new things, they are reluctant to reclaim their belongings or remove shared items or photos.

Your ex’s behavior might suggest lingering attachment. They are trying to use those acts of kindness to relive old memories and hold on to the connection you shared.

That lingering attachment also expresses their yearning for your attention and affirmation. So, they are signs your ex is pretending to have gotten over you when they are holding on to past romantic feelings.

4 signs your ex isn't over you

Sign 4: They offer comfort and connection

You might find that even as your ex is pretending not to care, they initiate physical touches a lot around you. This is another of the telltale signs your ex isn’t over you.

This might include subtle brushes of the hand, or a soft touch to the arm during a conversation. They subconsciously seek the physical connection that was once a part of your relationship. Also, that physical connection might be a ploy to make you relive old memories with them.

Also, genuine laughter is another good sign. If they laugh heartily at your jokes, it’s a sign that your ability to make them happy still exists.

Your ex’s comfort level around you is another crucial pointer. If they feel at ease, that’s a sign they are yet to move on. They still find your presence reassuring and comforting, indicating residual feelings. These signs prove that though you are no longer together, they might still harbor feelings for you.

Considerations when decoding signs your ex might not be over you.

Knowing these signs can help you navigate the emotional landscape of dealing with an ex. However, these signs are not absolute. So you shouldn’t quickly assume your ex is pretending about you. Many factors might add context to each of these signs:

  • Unique emotions: Remember that everyone’s circumstances and emotional responses are unique. So, seeing these signs might not be about you. It might be about other emotions like regret, guilt, or loneliness.
  • The type of relationship: Also note that the relationship you shared with them may also influence these signs. So, was it a long-distance relationship, or one with mutual friends?
  • Breakup: Another factor you need to also consider is that people break up in different ways, some break up slowly even after they’ve said goodbye. Also, a bitter parting can cause different behaviors compared to an amicable breakup. The time that has passed since the breakup can equally influence your ex’s body language. An ex who isn’t over you might act differently a few weeks after a breakup compared to a year later.
  • Relationship length: The length of your relationship with your ex is also a key factor. An ex from a long-term relationship shows different signs than one from a short liaison.

So you should always consider the context you’re dealing with. That way, you can have a more balanced perspective about these signs to avoid hasty conclusions.

4 signs your ex isn't over you

How to communicate with your ex-partner about your observations

Even when you have identified signs that your ex isn’t over you, you should still avoid jumping to conclusions prematurely. Often most articles do not offer any guidance on what to do after you’ve witnessed signs from your previous partner. So as a relationship geek, we’ve provided tangible and actionable steps to help you navigate the situation.

First, you need to consider your own emotions. Do you want to start dating your ex or move on? Also note that when a break up is new you might also have trouble moving on. You need to focus on self-care and mental wellness to help you avoid being overwhelmed by the situation. That way, you would be able to navigate and focus on your emotional well-being.

Second, honest communication is also vital not because you want to relive old memories or start a new relationship with them. It’s more about respectfully sharing your concerns to avoid misunderstandings. You should also strive to take their words seriously. Even when they act differently, it’s the words you’re working with. And at the end of the day, whether you want closure or wish to get back with them, a conversation is vital.

Lastly, you shouldn’t underestimate getting help from a professional. Remember that people break in different ways. So your mental health professional may also help you decode the signs you’re dealing with to avoid reacting to mixed signals. A professional can help you walk through the break offering long-term strategies to cope with such experiences. They can also shape your perspective and offer clarity. Remember, there’s no shame in seeking help when you need it. Treating these situations head-on with a well-informed strategy can be beneficial for both you and your ex-partner.

Ultimately, knowing the 4 signs your ex isn’t over you is a great idea. But you should also be prepared for what comes next such as the heart-to-heart talk with them and making sure you have profound clarity about whether you want the relationship or not.



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