Does my Ex Miss Me? 8 Surprising Signs

Does my ex miss me? That is one question that comes to mind when you are battling the emotional upheaval of a breakup.

You might spend time in introspection as you yearn for clues to that question. It’s normal to miss your previous relationship. And it’s equally okay to wonder if your ex feels the same way.

This article will dissect the emotional labyrinth after separating from your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. We’ll explore all the reasons why ex-partners start missing each other so much. You’ll also learn to identify any residual affections and address the complex tangle of feelings.

Remember, longing doesn’t mean you want to start a new relationship with them. You’ll learn to realize how emotions show signs. This exploration will be like a heart-to-heart conversation.

does my ex miss me

Why do you miss your ex-partner after a breakup?

As said earlier, it’s common to start missing your ex after the relationship ends. And yes, your ex also misses you too.

This does not mean that you desire to reconcile with them. Instead, it happens for several reasons:

  • You still have to come to terms with your current relationship status. You might miss the comfort, familiarity, shared history, routine, physical intimacy, or even the smallest idiosyncrasies and shared inside jokes.
  • You might also have lingering emotions or even negative feelings you must deal with. The emotional connection you shared needs time to break up completely.
  • A mere breakup announcement cannot instantly wipe away years, months, or even a few weeks of togetherness.
  • People miss their exes because of the void that opens up in their lives. They find their daily rhythms out of balance.

It’s not because they genuinely wished to reverse the breakup. You need to critically evaluate that nostalgic yearning about your previous relationship.

does my ex know we are daiting

What happens when an ex-partner misses you?

Now let’s talk about the obvious signs that an ex-partner misses you.

1. Trying to maintain regular contact.

This can be by reaching out via text messages, phone calls, or even face-to-face meet-ups. It could be because they’re feeling the void that your absence has left and are trying to fill it by keeping in touch.

2. Increased social media interaction

Suddenly, they start commenting on, liking, or sharing all your social media posts. They even slide into your DMs. These are signs your ex misses you. They could be trying to keep up with what’s going on in your life or simply trying to keep the connection alive.

3. Discussions with mutual friends

If your ex frequently inquires about you with mutual friends, then this is a clear sign your ex misses you. They are discussing with mutual friends because they know the message will get across to you. They also ask your mutual friends about you because they want to keep an eye on what’s happening in your life.

4. Drunk dialing or texting

Drinking lowers our inhibitions. So it gives us more courage to do things we wouldn’t do any other way. If you’re receiving drunk texts and calls from an ex, then they might still have feelings for you.

5. They find ways to be close to you

Another sign your ex misses you is if they seem to be around a lot. Perhaps, you bump into them even in unexpected places. Undoubtedly, accidental meet-ups happen. But if you find they are regular, there’s a chance he’s going out of his way to maintain that emotional connection.

6. They bring up past memories

One of the other reasons your ex might miss you is how they talk about the past. Such situations mean that your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend tries to insert happy memories into conversations with you. As expected, they don’t talk about the bad aspects. Just the happy memories. This is one of the most obvious signs your ex misses you.

7. Sudden interest

Another sign your ex might be thinking of you is how they suddenly want to know more about you. Perhaps they reach out regularly to ask about your activities, accomplishments, and well-being. The sudden interest might be their way of maintaining an emotional connection. It might also mean they are trying to assess how you’re adjusting to life without them.

8. Exhibits jealousy

Perhaps, you are changing your relationship status or gaining new experiences. They might show signs of intense emotions or outright jealousy about it. If they get upset seeing you with someone else or knowing about your new adventures, they might still have feelings for you. This is also one of the most obvious signs that your ex might be missing you.

Remember, these signs can be complicated and might not mean your ex-partner is pining for you. Yet, they do suggest a certain level of lingering attachment and nostalgia.

does my ex fill you with burden

What makes your ex miss you?

Besides asking the question – “does my ex miss me?” you might also wonder the reasons why that happened. Already we addressed that emotions and familiarity might be the foundation. But other factors can contribute to it.

1. Giving them space

One of the key factors that influence whether or not your ex misses you might be giving them space. After a breakup, it’s important to give your ex a chance to breathe, to reflect, and to miss you. This means stepping back and refraining from constant check-ins or attempts to reignite the relationship.

2. Improving yourself

You can also show your ex you’re not bothered that the relationship ended by focusing on your growth. This could involve starting new hobbies, pursuing further studies, or investing in health and wellness.

3. Avoiding displaying sadness

It’s also vital to avoid displaying sadness after a break up. Yes, it’s natural to mourn the relationship. But showing that you can move on and still be happy reveals a strength that can be bewitchingly attractive.

4. Start a new relationship

Lastly, dating again, though it might seem counterintuitive, can cause an ex to miss you. Seeing you happy and content with another person can remind them of what they’ve lost.

Remember it’s not about your question “does my ex miss me”. So, you aren’t using these steps to manipulate any lingering emotions they might have. Your goal here is to initiate healing in your heart and foster personal growth and self-improvement.

does my ex call mw backup.

What happens when you’re thinking of getting back with your ex?

Sure your ex might miss you and you probably feel the same way. But as we said before, it’s not enough reason to automatically charge headfirst into a relationship with them.

Breakups happen for a reason. So, what happens around that changing your relationship status should factor in. To emphasize once more, any relationship ends for a reason. Was it a minor misunderstanding that led to the split, or were there deep-seated issues that caused turmoil? These factors are key to consider in your decision-making process.

So, even as nostalgic feelings and memories tug at your heartstrings, you might be also misremembering the horrible periods that count towards your break up.

You need to consider the reasons that led to the split in the first place. After all, the goal should be a healthy, harmonious relationship. So, forget about the emotional connection. Deep dive and evaluate the circumstances surrounding the breakup. That way you can make a well-thought-out decision.

Maintain “no contact” if leaving toxic relationships

Breaking away from toxic relationships requires strength, resolve, and above all, space. In this case, you mustn’t think about the question – “Does my ex miss me?”

Instead, you should initiate a no contact period. This rule expressly champions self-improvement and healing.

Cutting off all forms of communication might seem harsh. But when you’ve dealt with a toxic relationship, it’s obvious doing so is the right move. It is necessary for growth and healing.

So rather than languishing in longing or regret. You can build an environment that prioritizes your own needs and emotional well-being. That way, you can work on your confidence, self-esteem, and other aspects of yourself.

So, don’t hang around hoping for your ex to change or regret. Remember, you are on a journey to recovering your sense of self-esteem and happiness. So, it starts with the no-contact period.

does my ex know me

Wrapping up

Ultimately, shifting your focus is a great step. It allows you to stop dwelling on the feelings of an ex-partner. This is especially important because investing in your personal well-being and development is much better. That way you can spend time healing your emotional wounds.

And in the same light, you’ll also rediscover your strengths, goals, and interests. So instead of asking – “does my ex miss me?”

You need to prioritize yourself. Seek self-care and personal growth. They will empower you with renewed self-confidence and self-love. Thus you’ll gain better mental and physical health. And in turn, it makes you more resilient and prepared for healthier relationships in the future. 



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