Unlock Your Inner Compass: A Deep Dive Into Split Definition In Human Design

Split definition in human design refers to a unique energy configuration where our personality has two or more “defined” areas without connecting each other. Hence, the split causes us to have conflicting desires or motivations, among other unique attributes. This basic split definition shows how we interact, react, or behave. 

Human Design has many other definitions: single, split, and triple/quadruple split. 

The Human Design system is like a cosmic blueprint of who we are. It is a unique map that explores all our energy centers, guiding us to understand ourselves and others. 

This article will share every information about split definition in human design. It will provide insights into how having this human design body graph shapes our relationships and inner workings. So, buckle up as we embark on this enlightening journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The Concept of Human Design 

First, let’s talk about human design. Think of human design as a fusion of several ancient and modern disciplines. It’s like a delicious smoothie from astrology, the I Ching, Hindu-Brahmin numerology, and quantum physics. Human design makes the most interesting human phenomena. 

Yes, it sounds complex, but let me explain it.

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies. It makes the base of our smoothie, providing a general understanding of our personality traits and tendencies. 

Then, we add the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text. This gives us a deeper understanding of the changes and transformations we go through in life.

Next, we sprinkle in some Hindu-Brahmin numerology. This ancient Indian system helps us understand our life path and destiny. Finally, we blend in quantum physics, the study of the smallest particles in the universe. This adds a scientific touch, explaining how energy and matter interact.

Hence, like a cosmic smoothie, Human Design helps us understand ourselves and our interactions with others. It’s a tool for self-discovery navigating life’s challenges and opportunities. It’s like having a personal guidebook to life, helping us understand why we are the way we are. 

Types of Human Design Definition 

There are different types of human design definitions. They include Single, Split, Triple Split, Quadruple Split, and No Definition. Each influences our interactions with others and our connection to ourselves. Hence, they describe our unique human experiences. Triple split definition quadruple definition, all share a lot in common. Now let’s discuss each human design definition:

  • Single Definition

    A single definition is also called single certainty. It means connecting all the defined energy centers and channels in one continuous circuit and always communicating. It also means having just one gate. This means confident energy follows through your energy centers to give you authenticity.

    In this case, you like being a one-person band. You’re self-contained and independent. You can navigate life’s challenges on your own. For instance, I’m a Single definition. I love my alone time and often find that I can solve problems best. That just one gate also means you naturally feel a sense of wholeness or completeness.
  • Split Definition

    The split definition is also called double certainty. This is like being part of a duo. You’re independent, but you also need others to feel complete. My best friend is a Split definition. She’s incredibly self-reliant. But she also thrives when she’s in a partnership, whether it’s in her personal or professional life.
  • Triple Split Definition

    So, what is a triple split? The Triple Split definition is like being part of a trio. Triple-split people often need multiple people or experiences to feel whole. My cousin is a Triple Split. He loves being part of a team and often feels most fulfilled when collaborating with others.
  • The Quadruple Split Definition

    The Quadruple Split definition is like being part of a quartet. You need a variety of people and experiences to feel complete. My aunt is a Quadruple Split. She’s always seeking new experiences and meeting new people.
  • No Definition

    This is like being a solo artist. You’re completely independent and don’t need others to feel complete. My brother is a No Definition. He’s incredibly self-sufficient and prefers to navigate life on his terms.

What are the Nine Defined Centers of Human Design?

Before we delve further into the phenomenon of split definition in human design, let’s talk about the centers. As said earlier, your centers are like energetic “powerhouses” within you. They represent the different aspects of your personality and life experiences. 

  • The Root Center: Grounding and Survival

    The Root Center’s position is the base of the spine. It serves as the foundation of our being. It governs our sense of grounding, connection to the physical, and prime for survival. Defined Root centers tend towards self-reliance, resilience, and a strong sense of direction. 
  • The Sacral Center: Life Force and Passion

    The Sacral Center’s location is below the navel. It pulsates with the raw energy of life. It pulsates with the raw power of life. It governs our sexuality, creativity, and emotional expression. Defined Sacrals possess a natural vibrancy and passion. They often find joy in movement and self-expression.
  • The Spleen Center: Intuition and Discernment

    The Spleen Center resides in the immune system. It is the seat of our intuitive wisdom. It guides us through subtle shifts in energy, allowing us to discern truth from illusion. Defined Spleens naturally trust their gut feelings and inner knowing.
  • The Solar Plexus Center: Personal Power and Emotion

    The Solar Plexus Center is above the navel. It is the nexus of our emotions and personal power. It governs our self-confidence, drive, and ability to assert ourselves. Defined Solar Plexuses naturally exude authority and self-assurance
  • The Heart Center: Love and Acceptance

    You can find the Heart Center in the center of the chest. It is the wellspring of love and compassion. It governs our capacity for self-love, empathy, and connection with others. Defined Hearts naturally radiate acceptance, self-love, openness, and understanding.
  • The Throat Center: Communication and Expression

    The base of the throat is the position of the Throat Center. It is the channel through which we express our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Defined Throats communicate with clarity and confidence.
  • The G Center: Identity and Direction

    The G Center resides in the sacrum. It acts as our internal compass, guiding us toward our life’s purpose and direction. Defined Gs possess a natural sense of self and direction.
  • The Head Center: Logic and Analysis

    You can find the Head Center in the brain. It governs our intellectual pursuits and analytical thinking. Defined Heads excel at problem-solving and logical reasoning.
  • The Ajna Center: Intuition and Vision

    The Ajna Center’s position is between the eyebrows. It is the gateway to our higher intuition and connection to the unseen. Defined Ajnans possess an inherent ability to see beyond the surface and grasp deeper truths.

What does Split Definition in Human Design Mean?

As said earlier, split definitions are characterized by two defined energy centers that are not connected. It’s like two Islands in the sea, separate from each other but part of the same archipelago.

Now, what does this mean in practical terms?

Well, it often drives individuals to seek relationships that can bridge the gap between these separate areas of their design. It’s like building a bridge between those two islands, connecting them and allowing for a flow of energy and understanding.

Let me give you a personal example. I have a friend, let’s call her Lisa. Lisa is a Split Definition. She has a defined Head and Ajna center. This makes her a great thinker. She also has a defined Root and Sacral center. This, as well, gives her a lot of energy and drive. However, these areas need to be connected in her design.

So, Lisa often finds herself drawn to people who can bridge this gap. She seeks relationships with people who can connect her intellectual and energetic side. 

In essence, having a split definition in human design makes you seek connections that link the different parts of ourselves. 

Let me give you another example.

Suppose you have a split definition in your human design chart. And in this case, all the defined centers don’t directly connect. Then, as defined by Energy Centers and Channels, your energy centers are the Throat and the Solar Plexus. Then the Channels are the Channel of Struggle and the Channel of Discovery.

The Throat Center in human design is all about communication and expression. In the same light, the Solar Plexus is about emotions and desires. The Channel of Struggle represents the constant push and pull you feel between wanting to express yourself and managing your emotions.

On the other hand, the Channel of Discovery represents your innate curiosity and desire to explore new things. All these validates what we now know about split definition in human design.

Categories of Split Definition 

A basic split definition happens when only one channel bridges a disconnection. In contrast, a wide split or broad split definition shows a clear separation between two areas of definition. 

Both basic split and wide split times often feel empty and inadequate. If you don’t consciously address it, that feeling of absence can affect your ability to gain proper awareness.

Attributes of split definition in human design system

Now, let’s talk about how the split definition in human design manifests. The second is a big, wide, or broad split definition. 

Internal pulls 

With the split human design, you feel torn between expressing your feelings and keeping them to yourself. You may want to be adventurous yet crave stability. You may love creativity while needing to be grounded.

Relationship dynamics

For those with a Split Definition, relationships are super meaningful. Why? We have this built-in need to connect the dots in our design. So, we often look to others to help fill in those gaps. 

For instance, say your basic split definition resides in the head and adjna centers. These are all ideas and concepts. And then, the other part has all energy centers in the throat and identity: communication and self-expression. The missing piece is the throat to G center, which is all about direction and love. 

Hence, you may attract people who are incredibly organized and detail-oriented because people who have these qualities bridge gaps in your energy flow. It’s about constantly seeking balance and completeness through my interactions with others. 

split definition in human design

Navigating challenges with split definition in human design 

The human design system for split definition also presents unique challenges and opportunities. Understanding these dynamics can support individuals in aligning with their authentic selves. Let’s share what having this definition of human design bodygraph means in a reliable sense.

Imagine you’re a ship, and the sea is life. As a Split Definition, you’re like a ship with two captains. One captain is your conscious self, the one you’re aware of, and makes decisions based on logic and reason. The other captain is your unconscious self, the part of you that operates on instinct, intuition, and feelings. These two captains sometimes have differing views on the course to take, and that’s where the challenges come in.

As a split definition, sometimes you want to take a risk, like starting a new business or moving to a new city. My conscious self would list all the logical reasons why it’s a good idea. At the same time, my unconscious self would hold back, filled with fear and uncertainty. It felt like being torn in two different directions.

Harnessing opportunities

At the same time, the basic split definition presents challenges. Think of it as having two different perspectives on life. It’s an incredible feeling when these two parts of you are in harmony. You can make decisions that feel right both logically and intuitively. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Understanding these dynamics can help you align with your authentic self. You will learn to listen to both your conscious and unconscious selves.

This means respecting their different viewpoints and finding a balance between them. It reinforces the positives of how you process information and is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a split definition.



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