Harnessing the Power of Matching Energy in Relationships

The concept of matching energy in relationships can shape the quality of our personal and professional lives. Imagine finding yourself mysteriously drawn to someone whose energy mirrors your own. Ever felt an instant connection with someone, like you were on the same wavelength? That’s the power of matching energy in action. 

Energy matching is about reciprocating the enthusiasm, effort, and engagement that others show, creating a dance of symbiotic interaction. But this invisible dance can make or break your relationships. 

This insightful article will unveil the secrets of matching energy in relationships. You’ll discover how to create harmony and avoid inertia without sacrificing yourself. 

We’ll also talk about how you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to project positive energy.

matching energy in relationships

What is energy matching in relationships 

Imagine you’re at a party. You meet someone new, and instantly, you two kick it off. You’re both excitedly sharing stories, fully engaged with one another, and investing the same amount of effort to keep the conversation enjoyable and meaningful. T

his is basically what we call ‘matching energies.’ It’s like a dance where both partners are in sync, mirroring each other’s moves. 

The core principle behind matching energy in relationships is reciprocity

So this means you strive to match the level of the other’s energy, such as their enthusiasm, effort, and engagement in an interaction. 

Now, this concept isn’t confined to personal relationships or parties. It extends to other aspects of our lives, including the professional environment. For instance, you notice a team member working extra hard on a project.

Benefits of energy matching in our personal and professional lives

Here are some of the wholesome benefits you can look forward to:

  • Builds rapport and connection: It can help us build mutual understanding and respect with others, creating a comfortable and enjoyable interaction. This is highly beneficial to building a great relationship with a romantic partner.
  • Enhances communication: We’ll enjoy clear and aligned energy levels with others. This helps us communicate better and avoid misunderstandings
  • Boosts collaboration: In groups or teams, such as the professional context, it can lead to better coordination because we all share the same goals. 
matching energy in relationships

The downsides of energy matching 

Naturally, matching energy is always a good thing, especially since it brings harmony to our relationships. But then, this also means we try to synchronize our mental, emotional, and even physical energy with our partner and friends. 

You shouldn’t blindly seek to match energy with everyone that comes your way. We cannot always match energy with others. Note what happens when the energy you’re trying to match is negative. When the other person’s energy level is too low, it can destroy us. 

For instance, consider Mark Wade’s words on matching energy in relationships. He observed what happens when two colleagues maintain a matched energy over time. 

Picture what happens when a colleague collaborates with you on an initiative or program. 

At first, that matched energy brought forth good results – ideas flowed like a waterfall, getting deeper and wider. But over the years, your colleague might begin to withdraw, bringing about no new ideas. 

Hence, it’s fascinating how striving to match other’s energy can be counterproductive when building healthy relationships. Sometimes, when everyone operates at the same wavelength, it stifles innovation and stops us from implementing potentially beneficial initiatives. 

So, because we don’t have different opinions or challenging perspectives, energy matching can also cause tunnel vision. In such a situation, everyone becomes comfortable maintaining the status quo. No one wants to shake the table or bring a different opinion. This further slows down progress. 

Your energy is not for everyone. 

Don’t get it wrong that you shouldn’t strive to build deeper connections with your friends and especially your partner. Harnessing the power of energy matching means actively seeing ways to match delightfully positive energy. This should especially determine how you pick a romantic partner. 

Your energy levels should radiate positivity and warmth, and you must always crave equally warm and healthy relationships. That way, you become aware of those around you who are only out for destruction and, therefore, avoid them. Again, it all together helps you avoid reflecting unhealthy and toxic people into your life. 

You must decide to avoid taking the cheerleading role in every relationship, including professional and personal lives. Such roles mean you strive to maintain contact with the other person even when they are not as invested.

In such situations, we often find ourselves getting drained as we ponder and try to guess what’s happening in such toxic relationships, even when the explanation is clear that this guy or lady is not interested in being committed to us. 

If we took such roles when we were young, that’s all in the past. Now, you are no longer young; you have attained a superiority and maturity that deserves matching levels of energy worthy of us. 

The impact of your subconscious mind on your energy signals

Now, looking at how matching energy in relationships can be either beneficial or not, do you already know how to leverage your energy levels to make the best of every situation? 

First, we must understand how our unconscious thoughts, feelings, experiences, and expectations affect our energy signals. 

Picture that your mind is an iceberg. The part above water is what you can consciously think and feel. Note that it’s just a small portion that shows above the water. However, the part below the water is much bigger. Here lies a vast expanse of unconscious thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This massive underwater section pushes energy signals into the world. 

Beyond that, these energy signals also resemble magnets. So they pull towards them, what they reflect. They often follow the ‘like energy attracts like energy’ principle. The energy vibes we give off are like secret messages telling the universe the kind of relationships we crave.

So, if your unseen mental and emotional world is full of positivity and self-esteem, you’re likely to attract healthy, balanced, and fulfilling relationships. But, if unconscious negativity or self-doubt dwells there, your energy could be drawing in challenging or unsatisfying relationships. 

Improve your emotional frequencies and repeat positive affirmations to get in tune with your unconscious world is much better. That’s how you can control the types of relationships you invite.

matching energy in relationships

Leverage selective matching to protect your desires 

Now, let’s connect the dots of how we can control our subconscious towards matching the good things we want to attract to our lives. 

Picture your subconscious once more as a radio tower broadcasting signals to the world. This subconscious mind gives these signals. But then, these signals are formed by our experiences, feelings, and beliefs. Again, we already know these signals draw people into our lives. 

So, what do you think happens when we unintentionally broadcast signals tainted by unresolved issues and traumas from our childhoods? These can attract unhealthy relationships that mirror those unresolved issues, creating a negative cycle.

We also need to be cautious of who we match energy levels with, to avoid getting on the same page with energy signals that can destroy everything we’ve worked for.

Hence, we must strive to maintain authenticity in our values so that every match we make in our personal and professional lives yields greater rewards. 

matching energy in relationships

Take action to balance the art of matching energy in relationships

So, striving for better control of your subconscious mind is much better. 

We must cleanse our signals. We must examine and resolve our subconscious issues, returning our broadcast to a healthier, clearer frequency.

This is not an easy task. It involves delving into our past, acknowledging and healing our wounds. It might be painful. It might also feel overwhelming. But it is necessary to attract better and healthier relationships.

As we heal, our signals become truer representations of our heart and soul. Decide today to build a better state that can harness the positive effects of energy matching to your life. Let the signals you give off be positive, life-affirming, and regenerative instead of negative, draining, and life-disaffirming.

Perhaps you want a great job, but you must ensure your energy levels aim in that direction. If you want an amazing partner, give off signal/that will attract the right guy or lady who is worthy of the gorgeous hope that is alive in you. 

You must act now to determine consciously and unconsciously how you win in life. Take this guide as a sign to strive for truly deserving commitments. As a result, we attract relationships that mirror our true selves, not our past traumas. This is the key to achieving healthier, more fulfilling relationships.



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