Easy ways to trigger his hero instinct 12 word text revealed

The art form of the hero instinct 12 word text revealed technique is an amazing approach that every man has an inner hero desire. So when you understand a man’s hero instinct, you can connect more meaningfully with him, leading to a long and passionate relationship. 

This insightful article teaches you how to in a few words transform your committed relationship into one with a stronger emotional connection. Here we’ll talk about the revolutionary concept of the hero instinct approach.

Developed by renowned relationship coach, James Bauer, this tool might significantly improve unlocking that hero instinct as the key to establishing a genuine and lasting bond with your partner. They are much like touching love messages, but in this case they focus in unleashing his primal desires for you.

trigger his hero 12 word text revealed

What is the hero instinct 12 word text technique?

James Bauer, the author of hero instinct 12 word, found himself nursing the wounds of a painful breakup. As he battled the waves of melancholy and sought to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart, he found solace and strength in penning down his emotions. 

So, from his personal turmoil, his hero instinct 12 word text is detailed in his best-selling novel, His Secret Obsession, a unique approach to rekindling lost love and stirring up latent desires. 

What exactly is the hero instinct?

Every man has an inner hero instinct. However, this statement has nothing to do with relinquishing personal authority or donning superhero capes.

What this statement about hero instinct means is that men have that deeply ingrained prerogative to protect, provide, and commit to their loved ones.

Imagine this – what do you think happens when your man seems distant and does not respond to your traditional romantic efforts? The answer is often simpler:

he doesn’t quite feel like your hero.

James B.

According to James Bauer’s Secret Obsession book, three factors stand out for men in happy and devoted relationships that have the hero inclination: 

  • The man feels valued and appreciated
  • He feels that he’s respected
  • He feels needed. 

So, when he doesn’t feel indispensable to you, it can do a number on his self-esteem. So, this might make him less likely to commit to becoming a huge part of his partner’s life. 

trigger his hero 12 word text revealed

Cultivating the 12-word text that leads to a profound connection with your man

You should never forget that the right words can make any relationship. So putting more effort into making your man feel cherished in a few examples is an amazing step to strengthening your relationship.

Now let’s talk about the 12-word text that is especially powerful and effective to make that wonderful man fall in love with you again. 

At the core, the 12-word text works so well because it revolves around four main principles:  

  • Make your man curious: This technique uses carefully chosen words to intrigue him, prompting his desire to know more. This is the first bait and initial spark that gets the ball rolling.
  • Propel him to wait: Patience is key. So after sparking curiosity, you intentionally hold off satisfying immediately. You let him sit and simmer with your message. And you don’t follow up or bring up a new topic or egg him on. The crucial pause heightens his anticipation, making him more invested in the conversation.
  • Reveal a need: The third principle is where you subtly express a desire or requirement that he can satisfy. It’s about making him realize that he can be your hero, fulfilling his ingrained desire to be protective and needed. However, you do this when he responds. And when he does, you shoot him that request. 
  • Drive him to wait again: Finally, you make him wait once more, allowing that desire to grow within him. So you give him space and time to plan how to help you. This builds his excitement as he grows eager to become your hero. 

The combination of curiosity, anticipation, and the promise of being the hero creates a powerful, irresistible effect. This 12-word text strategy is a masterful blend of psychology and timing.

But then you must also realize that the four principles don’t always work in the precise order. Look at the different situations you encounter and adjust the formula accordingly to achieve great results. 

How I used the 12-word text to reconnect with my ex

It might seem simple to send that meaningful text with the right words to drive a man to feel appreciated, valued, or loved. But it’s never quite simple.

In my situation, I’ve used the 12-word text to build a profound connection that rekindled an old flame.

At that time, after years of spending with my boyfriend, we broke up.

My entire being was shattered. I felt confused and depressed. I could barely function in my everyday life. 

At the time, I couldn’t help but reach out to him. I craved his attention and sought ways to get back that genuine connection with him. After searching for the right way to do so, I stumbled on the trigger of his hero instinct. 

So, I decided to try the 12 word text, the hero instinct phrases, and almost immediately, he reached out.

We spoke with each other for a long time and finally agreed to put more effort towards building a romantic relationship once more. Fast forward to the future, I’ve still implemented the principles of the hero inclination in our relationship, thereby forging a lasting bond. 

trigger his hero 12 word text revealed

When to use the 12-word text to trigger a man’s hero instinct

Remember that James Bauer in his Secret Obsession book mentions three fundamental needs in a relationship:

  • Feel appreciated
  • Feel respected
  • Feel needed

Whether you are looking for ways to spice things up, deepen the bond with your best friend, or make your partner feel secure, appreciated, and yes, absolutely loved, the 12-word text can help. 

You can simply incorporate these 12 magical words into your daily conversations, text messages, or expressed sentiments.

The 12 word text revealed method especially works in the following scenarios for inspiring men:

  • When he’s unsure about commitment
  • When he doesn’t want to be the provider
  • When he’s shy about unleashing his inner hero
  • When he wants you to stop texting him
  • When you want him to put more effort
  • You feel undervalued or underappreciated
  • You want to rekindle the romance you had before
  • When you want your ex back
  • You want a flirty sincere way to show your appreciation
  • You want to boost his confidence and help him develop a great sense of self worth
  • You want to express support. 

It isn’t just about what you do to trigger his inner hero tendencies. It’s about using words that forge mutual appreciation, ensuring that both parties feel valued, respected, and cherished.

trigger his hero 12 word text revealed

How to use the 12-word text: 7 main approaches 

Now let’s talk about a few methods and instances of using the 12-word text as James Bauer detailed in his Secret Obsession book.

1. Let him know how happy he’s making you 

Often, we fail to communicate to our loved ones that we are happy we have them in our lives. 

Using the 12 word text revealed ensures you are intentional about showing that you love everything about them. One of the best ways to show him how happy he’s making you is by expressing appreciation for even the smallest things. 

For instance, you can shoot him a quick text message saying “Do you have any idea how happy you make me?”.

Showing appreciation can boost anyone’s self esteem. So, when you take note of the many things he does and express your appreciation, it makes him feel valued.

2. Ask for help, protection, or support

You can also trigger his hero instinct when you seek opportunities to push him to do things for you. 

When you text him, asking for his help, support, or protection, it makes him feel like a provider or protector. This in turn means you give him a fair share of opportunities to be a part of your everyday life and even personal growth. 

trigger his hero 12 word text revealed

3. Praise him in front of his peers

Besides appealing to his inner hero when you are alone, you should also do so in front of his friends. 

Hyping him in public, when socializing with others will further improve his self worth. But then this does not mean that you should list good qualities out of nowhere. Instead, it means that whenever appropriate to the topic at hand and the current mood, you can share what makes him stand out. 

4. Ask for advice from him 

Another tried and tested way to unleash his inner hero and forge a strong emotional connection is by asking him for advice. When you ask him for advice, it drives a man’s desire to remain firmly rooted in his partner’s life. You can ask him for relationship advice or any other advice

Don’t forget to make your questions as flirty and casual as possible to help drive an engaged conversation with him. 

5. Show that you genuinely care about him

Nothing hurts more than trying to figure out if your partner cares about you. And when you deliver short, cold, and uninterested responses, it sends the message that you don’t care. 

Be more intentional about sending meaningful and engaging texts to your beloved. Ensure that your messages tell how you care about his well-being.

6. Tell him that he’s your hero

Although this seems tricky, telling your man that he’s your hero is an effective way to send him into protective mode about you. But then it’s an art form that requires practice. 

This text might seem very direct but it does the job faster. You’ll also love how it makes your man feel that you love, cherish, and respect him. Don’t forget to make your text as casual as possible.

7. Give him his independence and encourage him to pursue his dreams

Another way to trigger his hero instincts, although not directly, is by giving him space, even as you encourage and support him.

According to James Bauer’s Secret Obsession, this is one of those moments that might test you. 

Instead of giving in to those doubts and negative thoughts, take the time to reflect on how you can support him. Make your man feel that deep sense of appreciation by actively looking for ways to help with those of his interest. When you are his biggest fan, it boosts his self worth.   


Make him feel like your hero

James B.

trigger his hero 12 word text revealed

Bottom line

Finally, at the core of everything the 12-word text is about hitting those sweet spots in your relationship with just a dozen words. It’s an art form also that strengthens your bond, making it more intense, more passionate, and more meaningful. 

Hence this also means that you should make the 12-word text you use personalized at all times.

That’s exactly what we mean. Every person is different, with unique traits and preferences, so having a one-size-fits-all approach might not be very effective.



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