Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry: Trigger His Secret Obsession

Have you ever thought about sending touching love messages to make him cry, win his love, attention and total devotion?

Have you ever imagined by sending a secret message, he’ll start to picture you in his life and every other woman, past and present, will fade from his mind?

In this article, I’m going to let you in on something every man is secretly obsessed with.

It’s something he CRAVES… More than love, more than money, even more than sex.

And the craziest part is this one secret obsession holds the key to winning a man’s total devotion for LIFE but not one woman in a thousand even knows it exists!

This secret message would be a precious gift to him. It would evoke feelings of belonging, love, and so much joy. 

Let’s explore together the power of words to help strengthen your bond, deepen your emotional connection, and create beautiful memories in your relationship.

touching love messages to make him cry

Why do this secret message matter to your relationship?

It is vital in any relationship to express your feelings openly and candidly. Writing a messages that ALL MEN are powerfully influenced, therefore, a fantastic choice.

No matter how bad your situation seems right now…

Even if you’re worried your man is losing interest after getting intimate with him too soon…

Even if you’ve given up hope that your man will ever commit to you…

And even if he’s been completely ignoring your calls and texts, it doesn’t matter.

Once you understand how to write the secret message, you’ll be able to make the man of your choice feel a burning desire for you that’s so powerful that you’ll literally become the most important person in his life.

Like we said earlier, this secret message aren’t just about making him cry for the sake of tears. It’s to bring out his Hero Instinct.

His hero instincts

Hero instincts, a BIOLOGICAL DRIVE just like hunger, thirst, and sex. But once this drive is triggered it becomes more powerful than all 3 combined.

Specifically, men are secretly OBSESSED with feeling irreplaceable… like they’re the only man for the job.

But nothing in the world can satisfy that need like a woman… a woman who knows this secret.

If the woman he’s with doesn’t bring out his Hero Instinct, he’ll always feel like something important is missing and he’ll eventually seek out a woman who knows this secret.

On the other hand, when you know how to trigger a man’s Hero Instinct, his heart will be yours, and yours alone. And he’ll go to the ends of the Earth to make you happy.

Hence, This secret message isn’t just words on a screen or a piece of paper. That all comes down to understanding his Hero Instinct.

Hence, sending the secret message can spark deep feelings of love, to get his undivided love and attention, and foster open mutual understanding and an unbreakable bond.

How to craft the secret touching love messages to make him cry

It’s a 12-word text message to trigger a strong emotional reaction in their man, awaken his hero instinct and make him instinctively notice her with new eyes. And that was always the turning point.

I can still remember it was a fine Sunday afternoon when my friend, Emma, approached me with a task that was unique and very dear to her heart. She wanted to craft a love message for her boyfriend.

She knew that I had been successful in the past with penning emotional letters that could bring tears to the eyes of the reader. 

Emma wanted a message that would be so heartfelt that it would make her boyfriend cry.

I spoke to her: “you become a man’s obsession, not by meeting his needs or let him feel your overwhelming love… it’s not about trying to please him, it’s about giving him a way to please you.”

The message needed to awaken a man’s most secret and powerful desire to earn your love, prove his devotion to you, and give you romance that lasts a lifetime. 

I also advised her that genuine feelings should be at the heart of her message. Love is a powerful emotion; when expressed sincerely, it can move mountains, such as tears of joy.

Here are some secret signals you will need in composing touching love message to make him cry:

  • The Glimpse Phrase, it gives him a taste of the REAL you in a way that will leave him yearning for more. When you use this simple signal, watch his eyes change as a fantasy blooms in his mind of how amazing a future will be with you.
  • The Fascination Signal, you can use to spark such a deep attraction in a man that you’ll become an emotional addiction to him. This innocent phrase is one of the most powerful signals I’ve discovered. 
  • Silent Action Signals, it will shift his Hero Instinct into high gear and instantly make you more alluring than any woman in sight. He’ll get tunnel vision for you like love at first sight even from across the room
  • Damsel In Distress Signal, if you’re tired of him being on his phone all the time, you’ll discover this signal tap into a man’s natural protective instincts to get his undivided love and attention at will.
  • The Private Island, a signal that makes a man see you as “The One.” It’s about how some women are able to keep their man hooked long enough to trigger his “love instinct.” 
love messages to make him cry

Touching love messages to make him cry if he loses interest on you

Do you sometimes feel like he is ignoring you? Or keep wondering why a man will never truly commit?

Like I said earlier, if the woman he’s with doesn’t bring out his Hero Instinct, he’ll always feel like something important is missing and he’ll eventually seek out a woman who knows this secret.

There is a one text message guaranteed to give you his undivided attention.

It’s all about the tone you use by just making a simple adjustment, you will notice how often he starts texting you without even realizing it.

Touching love messages to make him cry long distance relationships

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just starting out, here are touching love messages to make him cry that can elicit that solid emotional connection between you and your partner.

You’ll discover The “Secret Currency” of Happy Relationships.

It turns out, there are tiny chances every day to make “emotional deposits” in your relationship to grow and strengthen the bond you have with your man, especially long distance relationships.

This signal is surprisingly powerful. In fact, studies show that making these simple “deposits” cuts the rate of separation in half for long distance relationships!

Touching love messages to make him cry after the breakup.

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup or separation with your man, this message is really important.

Because in 99% of cases, there’s only “one thing” he can hear that matters. These 12 explosive little words instantly reframe how he pictures you in his life. It’s the “Ex-Back Signal” and the best part is it’s impossible for him to ignore, resist or “think his way out of.”

Just drop these 12 simple words into a text, say them to him over the phone, or in person and watch how quickly he comes crawling back to you. Because of the way this taps into his Hero Instinct, it’s your strongest chance to not only get him back, but ensure that he’ll never leave again.

love messages to make him cry

Leveraging technology to build communication between couples 

Generally, we often dwell on the negative aspects of technology, significantly how it could interfere with connection and communication between lovers.

However, Mimi Winsberg, MD, a Stanford-trained psychiatrist and the chief medical officer at Brightside Health, called texting “the lingua franca of love.” Texting has become a primary form of communication, not just with friends but romantic partners.

We can transform texting into an amazing way to remind our loved ones of their worth. We could stop technology from interfering and instead allow digital communication to play a better role in strengthening the bond between couples. 

Digital communication can serve as a bridge that connects hearts and intensifies feelings of admiration. Messages from one heart to another can be powerful enough to elicit tears. They symbolize the profound effect words can have when delivered with sincerity and deep affection.

This is why we need to embrace composing touching love messages. They can be the secret weapon to making your man feel like the luckiest person. It can also serve as a way to encourage a depth of feelings, allowing a potent emotional release and even stimulating him to cry.

Of course, these tears will not be of sorrow but joy and gratitude. When we learn to leverage technology correctly, we can achieve pure bliss. 

These delightful love letters become sentimental tributes to the strength of our love. These unconditional real love messages demonstrate the profound connection between the two hearts intertwined in love.

So, don’t underestimate the power of a well-thought-out message. It could be the key to unlocking a reservoir of emotions, ultimately creating a stronger and more intimate bond.



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