10 Morning Prayers for Healing ( Powerful Words for Strength and Recovery)

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Morning prayers for healing can be as simple as just a few words or a deeper, more meaningful conversation. But they require our effort and intention to work. When faced with challenges, you can turn to morning prayers for healing to draw you closer to god for God’s guiding touch in our lives.

God can work wonders through morning prayers for healing and it’s important for us to approach it with faith. Below are 10 miracle healing prayer for healing to inspire and encourage you on the journey to find cure, strength and comfort. God has a plan for us and give hope to those who seek it, and these morning prayer for healing and protection can help bring miraculous healing as you let His Holy Spirit work through you.

May you find peace and comfort as you pray those prayer for healing and strength for yourself and your loved ones.

10 Morning Prayers for Healing

Prayer for healing power

1. Lord, restore my physical, spiritual, and emotional health. It’s only you who can revive and rejuvenate my body and my spirit. You alone have the power to heal every wound. Should I still have pain from what someone said to me, Father, I pray that you would heal me from that wound.

Lord, should I be wounded in spirit for any reason, I pray that your healing power will flow over me.

Healing Prayer for the Sick

2. Lord, you give life to my body; you give life to my spirit. In your love, you can make me whole again. God, I pray that your healing power will move over me. Move and touch my emotions, touch my spirit.

With just one touch from your holy hand, the blind receive sight, and the dead come back to life just because of one touch from you.

Lord Jesus, Father, I call upon you because I know you can feel my pain. I pray that you will be beside me every day to strengthen me.

3. God, by the grace of the holy spirit, you poured the gift of love into the hearts of your faithful people; give your servants health of body and soul that they may love you with all their strength and be moved by love.

4. Lord, I will receive healing from you; I will receive abundance, peace, and security because of your goodness and because of your grace. Father, I cast my feelings aside; I cast my own will aside.

Lord, I humbly submit to you. Father, because you are a god who hears my cries, you are a deliverer, and regardless of how desperate my circumstances may be, you always come through for me; you’re always on time and never fail.

You’re a god who heals the brokenhearted and bandages our wounds. You revive those who are exhausted. You give power and strength to those who wait on you. You straighten up those who are bent low.

5. God, you are the only source of health and healing. There is calm in you, and the only true peace in the universe grants to each of us your children, an awareness of your presence and gives us perfect confidence in you.

Therefore, in all pain, weariness, and anxiety, teach us to yield to your never-failing care, knowing that your love and power surround us, and trust in your wisdom and providence to give us health, strength, and peace.

Morning Healing Prayer

6. Lord, you are the strength of my heart. Lord, I know that everything else in the world could fail me, but you, Lord, you will never let me down. Lord, I bless your perfect name.

God, I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Lord, whatever your decision may be, I will trust you. Jesus Christ can divinely rehabilitate me.

He can revive the dead things in your life. Jesus Christ can soothe every painful scar in my life. You are the master physician. You are a chief doctor who can treat every visible and invisible wound in my life.

7. Lord, enlighten our hearts with your healing goodness that no dark desires may trouble us since the light of your heavenly grace has renewed us through Jesus Christ.

Lord, bless us and those who help us with your healing gifts. You restore our health of body and mind that we may give thanks to you in your holy church through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God, be present with us; always dwell in our hearts with your light and spirit. Guide our souls, thoughts, and actions so that we may teach your word that your healing power may be in your church and us.

May Christ drive far from us all hurtful things and purify both our souls and bodies. May Christ bind us to himself by the bond of love, and may his peace abound in our hearts. Amen.

8. Lord, heal those I have wounded. Lord, strengthen those I have weakened. Lord, set right those I have misled.

Lord, call back to yourself those I have alienated from you. Grant that we may serve you. You have freed us from evil and strengthened us in what is good.

Lord, put away our sins; give joy to those who mourn; give freedom to the captive; give health to the sick; grant us peace and safety.

9. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I join my faith with my precious brother. I join my faith with my beloved sister,

God. Your word says, for with God, absolutely nothing shall be impossible.

God, I pray in the name of Jesus. I pray that the healing power of the Holy Ghost will flow into my body and drive every trace of sickness out right now in the name of Jesus Christ.

I pray to be healed in my back. Be healed from the spinal injury. Be healed in my neck. Be healed in my head. Be healed in my knees. Be healed in my ankles. Be healed in my shoulders. Be healed in my liver. Be healed in my bladder. Be healed in my heart.

Right now, in the name of Jesus. I feel the healing anointing of the Holy Ghost begins to flow. The power of God is flowing.

10. My body is being healed right now in the name of Jesus. The healing anointing of God flows from the crown of my head, down to the soles of my feet. Every part of my body is being healed right now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Bottom Line

By relying on the grace of the Lord and asking for His mercy, we can utilize the 10 morning prayers for healing on ourselves and our loved ones. Pray for healing and do not fear physical death, as our soul is eternal and in the hands of the Lord. Let us trust in the Lord’s compassion and love, and repeat the morning prayers for healing both physically and spiritually.



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