Moon Phase Soulmates: Unpacking the Trending Concept of Love and Astrology

Moon phase soulmates suggest that the moon, our lovely celestial neighbor, could hold the secret to our romantic compatibility. 

But how does that even work? The Moon phase soulmate trend suggests that the phase of the moon at the moment of our birth could determine our personality and who our ideal partner is. Moon phase is also one of the signal he/she is your soulmate.

The idea of the moon phase soulmate combines astronomy, astrology and love. As a personal astrologer, I find the moon phase concept enchanting and thought-provoking. However, here we are unpacking the trend to determine if there’s any validity to how the moon phases affect our personal lives. 

Let’s explore this captivating trend together and dive into the theories, implications and how the moon phase compatibility affects our relationships. 

moon phase soulmates

What are moon phase soulmates? 

The moon phase soulmate trend is based on the idea that you could gauge your personality and compatibility by looking at the moon phase when you were born. The phase of the moon at your birth is called the natal moon phase. It is believed that the moon phases affect your personality. 

Like how the stars and planets have been used in astrology, the moon, with its mysterious allure, has found its place in this unique theory of soulmate prediction.

The theory also proposes that you could calculate your perfect match by comparing the moon’s phases at the time of your birth and that of a potential soul mate. 

Yes, you heard that right! Something as seemingly insignificant as the moon’s shape on your birthday could indicate your perfect match. 

It’s an inviting and novel approach that meshes astronomy and love in an intricate dance. It’s alluring, it’s romantic, and it’s an increasingly popular trend on TikTok now!

Understanding the moon phase soulmate theories 

Although there is a straightforward definition of this trend, the underlying theories differ. Each moon phase soulmate theory proposes a different idea of how the moon and souls connect. 

Theory 1:

The moon governs each other’s hearts in the same phase. In turn, this symbolizes a shared celestial rhythm and emotional harmony.

Theory 2

The moon should look full when you line up the moon phases of both people to create that soulmate bond—for example, a waxing crescent and a waning gibbous form a full moon. In the same light, a last quarter moon and a first quarter moon form a full moon. This theory paints a picture that our soul mate encounters happen at the most potent lunar phase where our moon phases fit. It also implies that our darkest secrets are illuminated when we meet our other halves. 

Theory 3

This theory appeals to the idea of balance. It proposes that the moon phases for two soulmates should create a balanced difference. It’s like the Yin and Yang, with each soulmate’s moon phase complementing the other, achieving a cosmic balance. This theory suggests that soulmates are different but harmoniously complementary parts of a whole. In the simplest terms – opposites attract. 

Above everything, though these theories are different, they remain united in that the moon plays an active role in their relationships. 

moon phase soulmates

Love relationships and Moon phase meanings 

  • New Moon: People born during the New Moon phase are pioneers in relationships. They bring fresh energy and enthusiasm. They are also spontaneous and love following their impulses. They are also adventurous and spirited. Sometimes, they can be naive and trusting. They often seek partners equally eager to start new journeys and projects.
  • Waxing Crescent Moon: Moon people born in the Waxing Crescent phase are believed to be gatherers of information and resources. They also slowly building towards their goals in love. 

    You can see them as loyal and traditional while being caring and creative. Some of them can be jack-of-all-trades and very dependable. They value partners who are supportive and understanding of their gradual approach.
  • First Quarter Moon: People born during this phase are action-oriented and face challenges in relationships head-on. They are always looking for ways to make things better than before. You can also sense their intuitive and intelligent nature and ability to work well under pressure. 

    They appreciate a partner who stands beside them as they tackle obstacles and pursue growth.
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon: These individuals are fine-tuners. They love to constantly improve and adjust in their love life. They are also passionate, purposeful and hardworking, which makes them excellent in their professional lives. 

    They seek relationships that are flexible and allow space for improvement and refinement.
  • Full Moon: Full Moon individuals are seen as fully aware of their emotions and desires. They are nurturing, confident and expressive. People born under the full moon also seem extremely lucky because they tend to be successful. They also maintain calmness, making them great leaders.

    They seek deep, meaningful relationships with full emotional transparency and expect a high level of openness from their partners.
  • Waning Gibbous Moon: Moon people born under the Waning Gibbous Moon are introspective. They tend to seem like old souls because they go after their things and don’t think so much about what others think. They are also great at thinking out of the box and avoiding human drama. This is also why they reflect on their relationships and learn from past experiences. They value partners who are thoughtful and who contribute to their personal growth.
  • Last Quarter Moon: People born in this phase are all about releasing and letting go. They tend to keep the world guessing about them. In relationships, they value closure and clarity. They also seek partners who are clear in communication and who respect their need for conclusion and resolution.
  • Waning Crescent Moon: People born during the Waning Crescent phase are contemplative, preparing for rebirth and new beginnings. Because they’ve lived many lifetimes, they are reluctant to engage with life. 

    They are attracted to calm and tranquil relationships, providing them the space to introspect and rejuvenate.
moon phase soulmates

Moon phase compatibility and finding your soul mate 

Looking at the section above, every moon phase has a specific meaning. So, each moon’s phase gives rise to personality traits. So whether it’s a full moon or a sister of a crescent, the moon phase influences our birth charts, our personalities, and our search for a romantic partner. This could explain why our feelings or actions sometimes seem tied to the lunar cycle. But whether it conclusively establishes the ideal soul mate and partner is an entirely different reality.  

There are 12 types of soulmate. Now let’s break down what it truly means to be moon phase soulmates:

Let’s imagine for a second that you’re a full-moon baby. This typically symbolizes a charismatic and sociable personality. If your partner was born under the crescent moon, they might be more introverted and reflective. Recognizing these traits could undoubtedly lead to a deeper understanding of each other. You would know when to give your partner space or when they need company. This may especially help improve healthy relationships. 

Undoubtedly, the moon influences traits and can help foster understanding among couples. But it doesn’t mean that the moon phase soulmates are guaranteed. So, as enthralling as it may sound, being ‘moon soulmates’ is not conclusive proof of compatibility. 

It offers a great tool to understand and appreciate the differences and similarities in your personality. 

Is the moon phase soulmate trend valid?

Undoubtedly, we all have that innate curiosity to find our soulmate – someone who perfectly understands and complements us. 

But then, the moon phase soulmate trend does not guarantee soulmate relationships for many reasons. First, there are only eight phases: the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the last quarter, plus the waxing and waning crescents and gibbous phases.

If we go by the basic theory that people born under the same moon phase are likely to be soulmates. However, the odds are not precisely promising given that one-eight of the population is born under each moon phase. 

Even if we accept this theory, we should remember that the moon phase soulmates aren’t guaranteed. Finding a true soulmate goes beyond the phases of the moon. It’s about connection, understanding, and perspective more than anything else. For instance, some couples work well when they share many similarities. Alternatively, other couples work best when they are opposites, creating harmony and balance. 

Furthermore, by the moon phase soulmate trend, you could have eight potential soulmates for every hundred people. This looks promising until you calculate going through ninety-two others who aren’t destined for you!

moon phase soulmates

So, while the moon sign might guide us in some ways, let’s remember that it’s our hearts that should lead us towards our soulmates. 

This shows that our natal moon phase impacts our emotional world, relationships and compatibility. But two people who seem incompatible might still be soulmates.

Nevertheless, it’s much better to skip looking for compatible moon phases. As said earlier, the moon phase soulmate trend might work best to understand what makes your partner tick. 

So, why not try and see what moon phase you and your partner were born under? But remember, every relationship requires work, no matter what the stars (or moon!) might say.

Trying the moon phase soulmate calculators

Suppose you are interested in finding compatible moon phases. In that case, there are many tools like online moon phase calculators and apps like CapCut to determine and compare individuals’ natal moon phases.

These calculators can also help you explore the astrological approach to love by contrasting and comparing natal moon phases. Check moon phase trend, which provides a newer perspective on relationships and human connection. Also, your zodiac sign can say much more about your personality and compatibility than moon-phase soulmates.

Wrapping up 

The concept of moon phase soulmates continues to get attention on TikTok. That said, because millions share each phase, compatibility isn’t guaranteed. Undoubtedly, moon phases shed light on personalities. But they are better used to offer insights into existing relationships and not defining soulmates.

In modern love and companionship, people have the natural inclination to turn to unconventional methods to find their potential soulmate. So, whether you’re a moon phase enthusiast or simply curious about unconventional ways of finding love, these tools are worth exploring – even if just for a hearty, cosmic chuckle!



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