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My Evolution of Painting: 10 Steps to Improve Self-Efficacy

evolution of painting

by Niraj Shah from One reason people procrastinate when it comes to challenging tasks is because of low self-esteem – believing that they cannot accomplish the goal they’ve been wanting to accomplish for a long time. This post is related to one’s self-efficacy. Improving self-efficacy and self-esteem are equally important in my evolution of … Read more

How to Make a Vision Board 2024

how to make vision board 2024

Explore a powerful way to craft a vision board 2024 and bring your amazing dreams about the future into reality through the power of manifestation

Mindset is Everything: 3 Keys to a Happy Life

mindset is everything

So why mindset is everything? The cornerstone of our lives is our mindset, which consists of our beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes. It affects how we see the world, deal with difficulties, and choose. We are more likely to triumph over challenges, take initiative, and realize our ambitions when we adopt a constructive and empowered frame of mind.